Drinking Marathon: The Adventures of an "It" Girl Who's Always Invited to Parties! LOL!

June 11, 2011

Man, I've been drinking a freakin' lot these past few days! It started last Sunday when Cryptic Illusion celebrated AJ's birthday. AJ texted me at around 9PM, inviting me to come to his party. But I stayed only until 1AM as Jhepmar was already bugging the hell out of me to go spend the night drinking at his place instead. So from AJ's party, I went straight to O'Neal's Billiards where I was to meet up with Jhepmar and Botz. We stayed there for a couple of minutes more and few bottles of Red Horse as they were playing that sort of billiards game I don't understand (I only know 9-balls!). Coincidentally, Windol and Tenga passed by O'Neal's Billiards and we asked them to stay. At 2AM, we went to Jhepmar's house and there we downed bottles after bottles of Colt45. Jhepmar's friends came over and there was a crowd of beer-hungry guys drinking with us until 4AM.

The following Tuesday, Nelson invited me to come to his place. I went there at dinner time and Nelson's dad greeted me at the gate and his mom cooked dinner for us. We ate and chit-chatted, catching up with what's the latest (it's been so long since I last showed up!). Nelson brought me to his cousin's place after dinner where we spent the night drinking Emperador Light with two of his cousins and two other guys. I was supposed to sleep over, but I decided to go home after we went on a food-trip at Ilang-ilang, Guiginto.

As soon as the next day, my hang over wasn't even gone yet, Jhepmar texted me at 1AM saying he's got Colt45 at his house. I had to sneak out as my dad was awake, I managed to go out unnoticed. Thankyouverymuch! There was a storm and the rain was heavy and honestly, I thought I wasn't gonna make it to Jhepmar's place. But I did. So I sat there with Jhepmar and his younger brother, Yhowie. We had real, good laugh-trips over ice-cold beer until 4AM and Yhowie walked me home by Jhepmar's special request (Jhepmar won't let me go home by myself but he was too wasted so he just asked his poor, helpless younger brother to take charge of bringing me home safe and unharmed. Wise guy huh?).

I haven't been drinking in the last two days but I'm not sure about tomorrow. Jhepmar asked me to come again for his girlfriend's birthday bash. And next week's my birthday, there probably will be a new episode of this "Drinking Marathon" series!

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