And Then You Tell Me How Life Will Be Like Without Me

January 8, 2011


Still no words from Ralph Jhonel. At this point, I'm really bothered. What I did wrong again? As usual, nothing!

But I'm not going to argue about this, I don't want to be accused of being "paranoid" and "assuming" again. What I plan to do is try not to talk to him until he do the first move, let's see how long will it take for him to finally waste his time and say "hi".

I know I'm going to miss him. And if everything went wrong (i.e. if he's gonna tell me that I was the one who first distanced), this entry will prove that I'm only trying to see if he's going to miss me too. I know it's ridiculous to do to this to him, but if he can do without me then he must stand for it.

Honestly, I'm sure he can totally forget about me and all his Bulacan friends. He's already got a friggin' lot of new friends at UST, and I know they're all better than us. I mean, we can't even afford to go to high-end universities like UST. And we can never be as intelligent as them too! So why would Ralph Jhonel choose us over his "Growling Tigers" friends?

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for him. I remember I told him to find himself lots of friends when he was just a freshman at his university. I had no idea that he's going to forget about his Bulacan friends now that he's got "sosyal" friends. Okay. If it's what makes him happy, then it can't be that bad. But in the end, he must tell me how life will be like without me, if not all his Bulacan friends.

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