My 10 Ultimate Crushes

December 29, 2010


The sun is kinda poking out through the horizon yet I'm still awake and not at all feeling sleepy. So to make my time worth staying up, I thought of listing the top 10 ultimate crushes I have. It's really kinda immature, I know, but can you come up with a better idea at this point of the day?

So here's the names I included in my list:

10. Nikko NatividadThe Hearthrob
Have you ever had the "laglag panty, ikot bra" experience? OMG! You'll see what I'm talking about when you see this almost-perfect guy for yourself. He's in my cheer team, but we're not really close — yet — that's why he's just in the 10th spot.

9. Ramil BustardeThe Listening Ear
A crush is just a crush, right? Of course I'm not being too defensive! This Below Zero co-dancer of mine may not be the kind that girls would go drooling about, but looks can be decieving (I don't mean how it sounds like, alright). I like him because he's such a good listener-slash-counselor. That's just it!

8. Jeremiah TenorioThe Cutie
I'm sure, one of my closest friends is going to give me a violent reaction to this! Haha! Jhem is also in Below Zero. Obviously, the only license he have to make it to this list is his face.

7. Jefferson PeñaflorThe Idol
I admire this guy so much in almost everything he does. We used to chit-chat before (SMS, YM, Facebook), and he's got a freakin' lot of ideas in his mind; humor, romance, music and what have you. Most of the times, I just wish to be someone like him.

6. Alan FernandoThe Hunk
Certainly the hottest among all the other members of Cryptic Illusion. I'm not really into small guys, but what I like about him is that he's got a smile that's contagious. Oh, his smile! No really, I find him hot.

5. Danyl RiveraThe Stranger
He's the only one in my list that I don't know personally. Why did I place him in the 5th spot? I don't really know! Maybe I just like him more than I like the 5 other guys aforementioned.

4. Marnel GarciaThe First
First real love, that is! I loved this guy so much, he's the only one who made me feel really special (not the retard sort, moron!). No one has ever done that for me before, and no one has done it again. But Marnel's got his own family now. He's already got the cute, little Kylle. I'm really happy for him.

3. Jhepmar MallariThe Bestfriend
The word "bestfriend" becomes redefined! Jhepmar is currently the most important person in my life. We've been through a friggin' lot, we've had each other in our bests and worsts. Really, our friendship is tried and tested. Without each other, we probably gave up in life and killed ourselves. I thank God I didn't die before I met him.

2. Jaypee RiveraThe Favorite Mistake
There's this one and only mistake I had in my life that I'm never gonna regret, my ex — Jaypee. Because no matter how badly hurt he's got me feeling, he managed to bring me to my happiest even for just a very short while. That's really what's important for me. I hope we could patch the pieces up between the two of us soon. I really miss him. Someday, we'll be friends forever.

1. Ralph Jhonel GatmaitanThe Love of My Life
Maybe he's already sick of hearing this, but what can I do? This is how I feel and this is the truth. I guess I don't need to explain any further why he's at the top of my list. God knows. I only hope Photskie knows it too.

So, that sums up the top 10 ultimate crushes I have. Man, I enjoyed doing this! Maybe I should do this listing thing again. I will!

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