Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010


2 hours and 57 minutes left, and we have to say goodbye to 2010. Man, time flies so fast!

Happy New Year people!

Milo the Motormouth

December 30, 2010


This is the point of the day I hate the most. Most days, my uncle Milo works during these times at his work shop which happened to be located right next to my room. I have no problem with where this work shop of his is located, but with his seemingly unending talkathons while working. Mind you, he doesn't even need a companion to listen to his rantings.

It's been his mannerism since I can remember. He would go forever blabbing about whatever-the-fuck sprouts out in his mind and he would retell it again and again and again as if we never heard it the first time. If you think it couldn't get any worse, you got it wrong! Because he would perform his monologue at the top of his lungs. Imagine that!

What I am complaining about is that this is the point of the day when I am finally feeling sleepy. Man, I need to get some sleep but it's impossible. Aside from his loud voice bombarding from his work shop, what he does also requires him to contribute more to the noise pollution. He bangs woods with his hammer, he welds pieces of scrap metals together and the most annoying of all is that he uses numerous craggy machines that sound like an angry t-rex on the lose. Most of the times, I just bury my head under my pillow. That's the temporary solution to this dilemma so far!

It's the Worst Page in the Universe

December 30, 2010

This must be a reminder for me to be more careful enough not to be victimized by the catchy-slash-misleading names some web and/or blog sites have, and end up feeling stupid for ever clicking the damn link. Too late for that reminder though, I happen to have browsed through this fuckin' site just now. It is actually supposed to be a humorous site but the whole friggin' site seems to be designed by that son-of-a-gun just to insult, humiliate, discriminate and offend people regardless of whatever kind of people his readers may be. Not only he make people feel miserable about themselves, he also has those D'Arvitting entries that promote suicides, domestic violence and cruelty to animals.

Unlike all the other blog sites that try to attract readers for positive comments, this particular site seems to aim hatred towards it. The ass-hole owner of the blog even added a page specially created for the hate-mails he recieves from those who read his bullshit rants and found them really annoying. What amazes me big time is that he actually devotes his time in giving yet another shit in response to the hate-mails.

It doesn't seem to matter to him even if he has to face charges for his actions. There was that incident that PETA sent him notices through e-mail about one of his articles that talks about killing farm animals. Guess what, he just threw cautions into the space and even made fun of the PETA personnel who, in hope of poking the shit-talker's conscience (if he even has it), sent the e-mail.

Surprisingly, the site manages to attract fans. The entries in it's fan-mail page prove it. Apparently, evil forces reigns in the worldwide web. I really pity the ones who support that piece of crap. I may not always be ranting about good things and make use of good vocabulary in my own blog, at least I don't put my self on a pedestal and look down at people and laugh at their incapabilities. I love my readers — if there's any — and this blog is for them. Go Ask Tuesday is designed to entertain and share my experiences and the lessons I learned from them to my readers. I don't really seek fans, but I don't like haters either.

Laziness Approaching!

December 29, 2010


When closing to the end of holiday breaks, there's always a new disease coming up — laziness. Yes, I had this problem nowadays especially that I have to make some dance routines for my cheer team and for Below Zero for the upcoming college events. I have finished some of them, but I'm planning to do more tonight. But I think I have to postpone it until tomorrow due to laziness.

There are deadlines I have to catch up also, so I must get over this "problem" as soon as possible and get back in the track in order to meet the schedules and then I can have a peaceful life until midterm exams come.

My 10 Ultimate Crushes

December 29, 2010


The sun is kinda poking out through the horizon yet I'm still awake and not at all feeling sleepy. So to make my time worth staying up, I thought of listing the top 10 ultimate crushes I have. It's really kinda immature, I know, but can you come up with a better idea at this point of the day?

So here's the names I included in my list:

10. Nikko NatividadThe Hearthrob
Have you ever had the "laglag panty, ikot bra" experience? OMG! You'll see what I'm talking about when you see this almost-perfect guy for yourself. He's in my cheer team, but we're not really close — yet — that's why he's just in the 10th spot.

9. Ramil BustardeThe Listening Ear
A crush is just a crush, right? Of course I'm not being too defensive! This Below Zero co-dancer of mine may not be the kind that girls would go drooling about, but looks can be decieving (I don't mean how it sounds like, alright). I like him because he's such a good listener-slash-counselor. That's just it!

8. Jeremiah TenorioThe Cutie
I'm sure, one of my closest friends is going to give me a violent reaction to this! Haha! Jhem is also in Below Zero. Obviously, the only license he have to make it to this list is his face.

7. Jefferson PeñaflorThe Idol
I admire this guy so much in almost everything he does. We used to chit-chat before (SMS, YM, Facebook), and he's got a freakin' lot of ideas in his mind; humor, romance, music and what have you. Most of the times, I just wish to be someone like him.

6. Alan FernandoThe Hunk
Certainly the hottest among all the other members of Cryptic Illusion. I'm not really into small guys, but what I like about him is that he's got a smile that's contagious. Oh, his smile! No really, I find him hot.

5. Danyl RiveraThe Stranger
He's the only one in my list that I don't know personally. Why did I place him in the 5th spot? I don't really know! Maybe I just like him more than I like the 5 other guys aforementioned.

4. Marnel GarciaThe First
First real love, that is! I loved this guy so much, he's the only one who made me feel really special (not the retard sort, moron!). No one has ever done that for me before, and no one has done it again. But Marnel's got his own family now. He's already got the cute, little Kylle. I'm really happy for him.

3. Jhepmar MallariThe Bestfriend
The word "bestfriend" becomes redefined! Jhepmar is currently the most important person in my life. We've been through a friggin' lot, we've had each other in our bests and worsts. Really, our friendship is tried and tested. Without each other, we probably gave up in life and killed ourselves. I thank God I didn't die before I met him.

2. Jaypee RiveraThe Favorite Mistake
There's this one and only mistake I had in my life that I'm never gonna regret, my ex — Jaypee. Because no matter how badly hurt he's got me feeling, he managed to bring me to my happiest even for just a very short while. That's really what's important for me. I hope we could patch the pieces up between the two of us soon. I really miss him. Someday, we'll be friends forever.

1. Ralph Jhonel GatmaitanThe Love of My Life
Maybe he's already sick of hearing this, but what can I do? This is how I feel and this is the truth. I guess I don't need to explain any further why he's at the top of my list. God knows. I only hope Photskie knows it too.

So, that sums up the top 10 ultimate crushes I have. Man, I enjoyed doing this! Maybe I should do this listing thing again. I will!

The Friggin' C-Word

December 29, 2010

At sleepless nights like this, I usually kill my time reading blogs after blogs of whoever-the-fuck has it. Most of them, if not all, always mention that c-word. And as a virgin that I am (What? Do you have problems with that?), they didn't make sense for me. So what I did was I Googled it and found out that it's such a vulgar word.

Surprisingly, I found it pretty useful — for me, at least. No doubt, I'm going to use that term in my blog one of these days. Especially that a lot of bitches around me never fail to provoke me to showcase a filthy and rude grammar. One day, I'm going to be able to call them that friggin' c-word.

Missed All the Fun

December 28, 2010

I sit here in my room while my friends are out for the night, having fun. Imagine that! Whether I like it or not, I can't go with them as I don't have money (let's all groan!). I mean, what can be more depressing than being broke?

I called Avi through Frankie's mobile to tell her my birthday greeting, Tophe and Anne are both with her. I miss them so much, but Macabebe is too far for me to go to. If only I have the money, I probably showed up. But, really, do I have a choice?

I called Marki after I talked to my ABE friends. Marki's with the Cryptic Illusion at the pool party. I suddenly want to go there when I heard all their noises in the background. Man, I'm so jealous! I told them I'd try to make a way and go there, but I'm certain I can't make it.

I honestly think that life's being unfair to me. Now that I want to make the most out of this friggin' Christmas break, but the hell, it is also now that I don't have money. I want to at least spend the night drinking GSM Blue with Jhepmar or something or whatever. But when I checked how much money I have, I wanted to slit my wrists or hang my self to death. D'Arvit! I hate it when I don't have money.

Oh great! I have yet another reason to cry my self to sleep tonight!


December 28, 2010


I love playing this Facebook application. I don't know why, but I could stay the whole freakin' day in front of the computer to this game.

I already have 4 zombies. Guess what their names are.

Bitches and gentlemen, meet my zombies.

Here's Photskie, he's still a Private.

Another Schizo Private, Raprap.

Okay, I know that the Raging Private Sir Gatmaitan is supposed to have the highest rank among all my other zombies. But I need to train him more.

And finally, the Depressed Lieutenant, Ralph Jhonel. He's my first zombie so he's got the most training that made him the highest ranking so far.

These ranks will still change as time go by. I will do my best to train them all so they can be more competitive zombies. I plan on getting more, we'll see what names I'm going to think about by then.

As for now, I'mma play Braaains! Gotta go!



December 27, 2010


I texted Ralph Jhonel just before my Unlitxt20 expires. I just said "imy", as lame as that! But I don't really expect him to text back.

But I mean it. I really miss him. So much, as a matter of fact. Especially that the temperature outside dropped to a chilling sort. It's nostalgic! It makes me remember those days in January 2009 when we were filming our movie. We would wear jackets the whole day, even in the afternoons, or we probably would end up having colds.

Man, we were seeing a whole, freakin' lot of each other then. Almost every single day. I actually thought it will never end.

Now, the best thing I can do is wear his jacket and remember him whenever the weather's like this. I'm glad he gave me this jacket I'm wearing right now and everytime I feel like I want to be with him. I even sleep in this during cold nights. I feel somewhat secured, I don't know.

I know he knows I really miss him when he read my text. I know I don't really need to say it at all. That's one thing I like about him, he understands me. And I'm sure, same thing goes for when I say "ily". He's going to understand.

It's Days Like This I Want to Fight With Everyone Who Gets in My Way!

December 27, 2010


Oh my God! I reached my boiling point again. I am totally pissed. He doesn't even do or say anything to me, but that's exactly the point. He won't show himself up or at least tell me he's not willing to waste his seemingly precious time doing so. He makes me feel as if I'm wandering through the darkness with my arms stretched-out in front of me. I can't see a friggin' thing, and I don't know which direction should I take. Man, I don't even know where to start.

I know what's going to be his defense; that he did not come home for me. I know that guy very well. He knows I'm never gonna argue when he starts pointing out that he's got a life. That is why I just try not to confront him. Because I'm never gonna win if I start a fight. I'm always wrong-footed. I'm always assuming that things are happening when, according to him, they don't even do. I'm always paranoid, I always have an imaginative mind. And so, with all these, I'll always be the one to shut the fuck up and just understand. Because, between the two of us, I am the one whose losing a bunch if our friendship falls apart. He's got nothing to lose, because I don't have any value.

I was told that maybe he's going to make things up for me, I honestly think he don't even realize he's making me feel this way. He can make it up to me or he can just keep the truth to himself (as if I don't already know). Either ways, I know I'm still gonna accept him with open arms. I guess that's how much I love him.

You're My Brightest Star

December 27, 2010


He said there's a bright star outside. I didn't have to go out to check, I just told him there indeed is. Maybe I just trust him this much that I believe it whenever he tells me things. I miss him a friggin' lot. I've waited for this Christmas break ever so patiently because he said we'll be seeing each other again. But now that the break is about to end, I start to falter in what I was made to believe. My hopes are starting to crumble like Graham crackers in my tight grip.

He didn't tell me he's here in Bulacan, and I don't want to tell him that I know it. I just try to console my self by thinking he's got reasons why he don't want to tell it to me. But still, I am hurt. Not just because I don't have the chance to see him again, but also because it makes me feel like he's not planning to meet me like what he said on the night of Jhepmar's birthday. He's got his own life, I am aware of that. And I know he has the rights to decide about what he wants to do and what not. Who am I to complain, right? Besides, I'm just going to force another issue if I bring this up. So I just try to be optimistic with the best that I can. At least he texted me on Christmas day. And the fact that he's here in Bulacan makes the distance between us decrease and I feel so near to him. These thoughts manage to make me smile somehow. And I can still tell that it was the best Christmas ever.

If it wasn't for him, my Christmas could've been fucked up. He made my day, I hope he knows he did. He didn't even have to show up, all he had to do was let me know he remembered me that day.

Okay. Why the hell am I crying now? Haha! I am supposed to be happy, am I not? I am telling you how great my Christmas was, so why turn emo? Maybe I just miss him so much. Or maybe the best present for me is presence — his presence, to be precise. But he seems not to figure that out. He even makes me feel he's ignoring me again. When I told him there indeed is a bright star in the sky outside, he didn't replied. He have no idea he is my bright star — and the night sky, my life. There indeed is a bright star in the night sky. Or should I say, there indeed is Ralph Jhonel in my life. That's more like it! But it's the dawn, and the bright star is starting to fade away. But I'm never going to quit, I will be right here waiting for the night just to see that bright star in the night sky — him in my life!
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