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January 02, 2011


All my closest friends are guys who listen to Lamb of God, Queso and the likes, so I obviously was influenced to listen to those kinds of music as well. My "mga men" were the ones to introduce me to Giniling Festival — or at least, to Giniling Festival's music. We would spend every single night with inuman sessions; downing bottles after bottles of GSM Blue (or, if we can afford, Red Horse), taking drags and puffs on our Marlboros (and/or that other thing that emits smoke), and banging our heads to the loud metal music in the background. Man, that's my idea of heaven.

I remember this one particular night when we were having our usual drinking marathon, there was this song that goes "Holdap holdap ito..." that's been playing in my friend's China-iPhone amidst our loud rantings about whatever-the-fuck. I stopped and listened for a while and I had to laugh to the lyrics.

"Natawa ka din ano, men?" Jhepmar, my bestfriend who noticed, asked and laughed with me.

"Gagong gago nga men!" I told him.

The following day, Jhepmar returned my digicam-slash-music-player to me (he borrowed it a long time ago and honestly, I forgot I ever had that gadget until he gave it back), and when I browsed through the files, there were Giniling Festival songs in it already. And since that fateful day on, I started listening to those songs a freakin' lot. I even have them on as my lullabies at night.

Last month, I became the first ever Giniling Festival fan of the week (it's another story, I'll tell you that next time). And as a tribute to the greatest band my ears ever listened to, I did a list of my 10 most favorite Giniling Festival songs. And here's what I came up with:

10. Sirang Plaka

9. Psycho S'ya

8. Barbero

7. Mabuhay Lahat Ng Single

6. Haka Haka, Hula Hula

5. Dodo

4. Holdap (The Carlos Antonio Garcellano Story)

3. Hari Ng Metal

2. Astig

1. Bano

Just because the other songs didn't make it to my list (i.e. Tsong, Siling Giniling, Letter to Angelina Jolie, McJolly), it doesn't mean I don't like them. Man, I love every single song Giniling Festival made. It's just that I only needed to list at most 10 of them. If you want to know the truth, I'm a Giniling Festival fan for life!

Magaling, astig, magaling, astig, astig, astig!

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