One.. Two.. Click!

March 26, 2011

OK. I know it's still the Earth Hour and I should turn off everything that uses electricity, but it's really boring tonight so I decided to just update this blog. But there really is nothing to say, so maybe I'll just post the photos Ralph Jhonel took few weeks ago for his Photography project. I'm really proud of him when he told me he received a good mark on it. I was really proud of my self too because I helped him with it. Here are some of the photos he took:

He failed to take some photos of the sculptures at the Malolos Capitol Grounds because it was already dark when we got there. But then, one day, I passed by there and I remembered him and ofcourse I missed him. I sat right in front of one of the sculptures there and just stared at it for a good couple of minutes. And then, since he failed to take its photo, I decided to do my own photography and took a photo of the statue. I don't have a DSLR, I used my camera-phone for it.

Not too bad! I really want to be a photographer like him. Maybe I should study photography too!

I Guess I Just Miss You POSH-kie!

March 15, 2011


Since the other night, I kept calling Ralph Jhonel
"metalhead-turned-coñotic-kid" not because I just want to do so but because it's a universal truth. If there is one thing that makes the tremendous change in him real obvious, it's the evident sosyal-ness in him.

I wasn't the first to notice it, what do I know about being sosyal? It was my twin, Frankie, who made me aware of Ralph Jhonel's being sosyal. I think I was telling her something about Ralph Jhonel when she cut me in, mid-sentence, to ask "coño?". That's when things suddenly occurred to me which strengthened the proof of the fact that Ralph Jhonel is changed.

I did not like it. I don't want Ralph Jhonel to be someone I barely know. It scares me big time just thinking that one day, he's going to be totally changed and he's going to be like a stranger. I thought I must do something about it.


I called him "metalhead-turned-coñotic-kid". I can't remember any reactions coming from him, so I considered my "plan B" and called Ralph Jhonel "POSH-kie" — parodied to what I really call him; Photskie. From that moment onwards, it became my pet-name for him.


And then I started making fun of him. I wrote an entry called "Metalhead-Turned-Coñotic-Kid" which gave me the hardest time writing (as if he's ever gonna read!). And then, last night, I commented on one of his Facebook statuses which was some lyrics from a song I thought I heard somewhere.

I had to ask Frankie about it just to be sure, Frankie knows it and even played it on through her music player and sang to it. The mere fact that Frankie knows it made the light bulb above my head shine; it was a chance to make fun some more, and I commented.

He defended himself, but since I have this natural talent to insult people, I knew just what to do. I went on!

"Maybe the reason why I peeve it that Ralph Jhonel turned coñotic," I later confessed to Frankie, "is that I know that his 'Growling Tigers' friends influenced him to it."

"You can't blame him." Frankie said. "It is where he belongs now and he must fit in."

High-end universities really are people-changers, or at least they are to me. Frankie was right, Ralph Jhonel must fit in with the people surrounding him. Why do I always forget that he is not in Bulacan any more? How do I make my self accept that he's found new friends there and they're our total opposites? Maybe I'm just sub-consciously hurt of those facts. What hurts the most is that I have no rights to complain.

I felt sorry for being stupid. And before I slept, I posted a Facebook status saying, "I guess I just miss you POSH-kie.."


March 13, 2011


Let's define Posh: (pŏsh) adj. Smart and fashionable.
Oh, hi there! You're there pala! I haven't notice you ha. You know naman me, I'm kinda busy with stuff. So how are you doing naman? It's kinda tagal na since we last kita duhba? You look gwapo ha! LOL. Joke pero totoo. Harhar.

In all honesty, you look gwapo naman talaga eh. Especially with that super-sosyal DSLR. I'm jealous ah! Haha. Medyo kinda konti lang kasi my mga gadgets eh, and wala akong ganyan. Haha. How cheap of me, right?

I make pansin din your outfit ha, how cute naman your shirt. Nakaka-model naman yan, ano bang brand s'ya? Oh my God, ang nice ng boyfriend-shorts mo! Kung magkaka-boyf ako one of these days, gusto ko someone who makes suot something like that. Haha. It's so bagay sa'yo. Anyway, kahit ano naman yata babagay sa'yo, like, kahit ano tuhlaga!

Ang big time mo na talaga noh? Imagine, dati you just make suot practically everything. I remember pa nga may mga band shirts ka pa. Haha. They really make me tawa when I make alala them. Tapos you make kinig pa nga sa music na meron nung beat na "dug-dug-dug" something na double-pedals yata yun or whatever they may call it. Haha. I'm so tanga tuhlaga! I can't imagine nga how you even like those music eh, ang noisy-noisy and it makes my dibdib kabog, like, hinahampas ako! LMAO. I make takip nalang my tenga para di ko marinig duhba? Haha. Kaazar kasi yung mga kanta, if you can even call them kanta. Hahaha. They're parang sigaw lang eh. Parang baby dinos! LOL. Ang sakit siguro nun sa throat? But don't get me wrong huh? I have nothing against that kind of tugtog. I wont make protesta about it and go, like, "LETS MAKE BAKA! DON'T BE TAKOT!". Harhar. Ang funny ko tuhlaga!! Nice din naman those kinds of tugtog, but still, buti nalang pinanganak si Ke$ha and Bruno Mars duhba? Ang cool kaya! Makes me indak sa dance-floor pag nagka'clubbing ako with my friends.

Speaking of friends, you're so galing pumili ng friends ha? Sosyal forever, like, nakaka-GV tuhlaga. As for me, nakaka-BV mga friends ko dito eh. Pinapainom nila 'ko ng Emperador! As in kadiri talaga! Haha. Pero carry lang, love ko naman sila eh. Super über saya nga whenever we make inom kasi mas like namin yung kwentuhan to the max. Kaya ako, I always make sure na I make aya them uminom whenever may time. Para bonding duhba? Haha. I don't like them kasi to make isip na I make kalimot them na. E kasi wala na 'kong friends when it happens. Hahaha. One of these days we will make aya you, let's make inom. I will buy Smirnoff especially for you, it's kahiya naman kasi sa someone as sosyalero as you duhba, like, tayong mga sosyal, we don't want to get pahiya eh. Haha. Kaya we will make sigurado that magiging maayos s'ya talaga. It's gonna be your welcome party sa mundo nating mga coñotic, kaya now pa lang I must make sabi to you, "Welcome to the club, like, welcome tuhlaga!".

Five Senses

March 11, 2011


1.) The Sense of Sight

"Nasan ka na?" I texted him. He just finished taking pictures of the famous Barasoain Church as I suggested.

"Papunta na ng crossing." he texted back.

Yesterday, I was drowning in excitement for I was going to see him again. He texted me Monday night, saying he's coming to see the Barasoain Church and take its pictures for his project for his Photography class. And last night, he did.

I waited for a while, but it actually felt millenniums. And then, after two sticks of Marlboros, he came. There he was, in the flesh. I could not believe my eyes.

2.) The Sense of Hearing

We were about to go to the Capitol when he suddenly felt like he wanted to take photos of the city's night view from somewhere elevated.

"Saan kaya pwede?" he asked.

I suggested our college building so we walked back and went 3 floors up but the windows are facing the wrong direction and it's impossible to see the city lights. So I brought him at the comfort rooms instead where the little window made him able to capture the view he wanted.

He started working with his camera. I never thought photography takes time. I waited outside the comfort rooms, talking to whoever passes by. Man, I got tired of explaining to every single person trying to use the comfort room why there was a guy with a DSLR inside.

And after a while, there were only the two of us. I waited a bit more.

"Tues, wait lang ha?" he said. I stared at him. He was really there. I heard him call my name again. The way he called my name made me want my name more.

3.) The Sense of Smell

Just before the college closes, he was finally done working at the comfort room and then we headed to the Capitol. We were walking side by side when I suddenly smelled the faint smell of his cologne which kinda wore-off already. I miss him, God knows I did. I was really glad he was right there, inches away. Too close that I managed to smell his cologne. Who would've thought?

4.) The Sense of Touch

He didn't take photos of the sculptures at the Capitol grounds because there were no lights that could've made the sculptures visible in the dark. So he decided to just go home — it was late anyway. We sat next to each other in the jeepney, talking to catch up with things. My God! I longed to be at his side again. I was really, really thankful that the jeepney was jam-packed that I had to force my self to move closer to him. I was leaning back so he didn't see I was staring at him half the trip. I smiled. I fell in love even deeper.

5.) The Sense of Taste

Bittersweet. That's how it was. Sweet because he finally was there; I can see, I can hear, I can smell, I can touch. But bitter because those are only the best I can ever do. But don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that at the very least, he was there. For real. The only person to ever appeal my every senses. The guy that makes me feel my mortality. The one that gives meaning to my life. Ralph Jhonel. The love of my life.

"Thanks Tues." he said before he got out of the jeepney. And then he was out of sight.

Thanks Ma'am Borj!

March 10, 2011


I just got home. I want to rest for a little while and have some lunch but since I promised to tell you the details of the little conversation I had with our college dean earlier, the first thing I do as I reached home is update this blog with the follow up to the prior entry.

I sat at the benches at my college's main building corridor after class while I was waiting for my twin, Frankie, so we could go home together. Mrs. Borja, the college dean, sat next to me and asked how I've been. I responded in my most-polite-slash-most-courteous. I thought it was so nice and humble of her to stop and talk to me. She said she noticed how inactive I am nowadays in my fields and that she's not used to seeing me just sitting at the benches alone when I used to have a "colorful life". So I told her the bitter truth, that I am no longer interested in leading for my organizations. I saw sadness in her eyes. I know that the day I set foot in our college, Mrs. Borja started believing in all my potentials in leading and excelling in my studies. I felt sorry for my self for being so weak; that just because I felt left behind, I quit what I started.

I was living a colorful life. During my first semester in my college, lots of people believed in what I can do. Most of my friends look up to me with liberal amounts of respect. I got an awful lot of praises and attention and in all honesty, I felt really well-liked.

Popularity is really such a big word, and it's okay to want to be famous because popularity is well synonymous with being well-liked and being the crowd favorite. But in real life, there's no such thing like forever. Everything has to end. And now, I turned from somebody to nobody. I feel like a wallflower, trying to fit in. And there even are times I feel invisible. In the last two semesters, I'd always eat alone during breaks. And in my classes, I'd sit at the farthest end with not a soul next to me. Most days I'd just feel the need to cry. But really, it is not going to help. Those were the days I felt the lost of appetite for attending classes. I'd see old friends with their new cliques and I'd feel rather lethargic. I miss it being a Tuesday Sucgang. I miss the Tuesday I once was.

"I believe in all your potentials and I'm looking forward to seeing you and your twin back in your colors.". Those were the last words she said. It may not be that strong a statement, yet it moved me. So now, here I am. I am Tuesday Sucgang. I'm back! Thanks Ma'am Borj.

We're now in college, just in case you forgot!

March 03, 2011


Today was so juvenile! Do you remember those silly games we used to play in our kindergarten days? Guess what, we did some of 'em today.

But it was not a bad thing, really. Of course it wasn't. What we did actually has deeper sense.

In our Communication Skills 2 class, we did an origami. It was meant to practice ourselves to follow directions. So there was an instructional YouTube video in the monitor of Mr. Guinto's laptop which taught us to make a butterfly out of the piece of paper distributed to us. It was pretty easy, although my origami was a little crumpled and the edges were uneven because there was no scissors provided. But I managed to finish my butterfly somehow.

After that, in our Euthenics 2 class, we played that passing-oranges-without-using-hands thing. I was really like, "WHAT THE FUCK?!". It's the last thing I wanted to do in class — embarrassing my self! But I still gave in just for the sake of it and just to get over with it. What we did was we passed the orange using our necks, shoulders and chins. I was next to Mr. Guinto in line. My God, his growing beard pricked my skin. And to tell you the truth, it still itches now.

Group 1.

The winners, group 2.

The lesson from that activity, Mr. Guinto told us afterwards, was that the most neglected means of communication is the sense of touch. But really, I didn't see why play that stupid game. Why not other stuff? Gah!

It's just half of the day but I'm left with nothing to do. I was supposed to take my pre-final exams today, but I decided to just take it on Monday. I sit here at the benches as usual.

OMG!! OH MY GOD!! My current crush — Mizu Inagaki — just passed by and greeted me! I'm on a high right now! I missed him, I missed his cute face. Too bad there's only a little time left in this school year, I'm really gonna miss seeing him.

It's time to go home now, I'm gonna update later. I have a story to tell. See our college dean just talked to me about some really serious matter. I will go into details later. Bye!

Royal Ramble

March 5, 2011


Hi there! It's been quite a long while since I last updated. I wasn't busy, I just wasn't in the mood. For a reason, I only update this blog through my mobile and Opera Mini is becoming such a huge pain in the ass. I tried Bolt but it just can't do better. That is why my hopes are so high and I'm looking forward to getting our new PC set next week. It's going to be more convenient to blog and update my awful lot of networking accounts, plus I won't have to abuse my Samsung GenoA.

There really is nothing to say, or at least no specific topic. I just thought I ought to update, so I decided to go random. What are the latest events in my not-so-picture-perfect life? Let's see.

Let's start with the new things. Aside from the new PC set we're getting next week, there are some new items I got. I've got 2 new pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors; a pair of black, basic low-cuts and a pair of gray, vintage skate shoes. They're from the States, my aunt gave them to me. I was really pleased with the skate-shoes, I've been dying to get one! At least now I won't have to stash my own cash to purchase one. I'm planning to buy folders fastener to accentuate the shoelaces like that of the display I saw at the mall 2 weeks ago. I'm gonna take a photo of my skate-shoes when it already have the fasteners on.

Another new thing is my new mobile number. I'm not hiding my self, okay. I just had this thought that I've been using my old SIM card for 7 years or so and that it will soon self-destruct itself or something, so I got my self a Globe Tattoo SIM which I actually thought would give me the "ultimate WAP surfing experience" but doesn't. Honestly, it's even worst! When it rains, connection is always frustrating. But it's alright. As soon as we get a new desktop computer, I'm getting broadband connection so my mobile would only be used for call and text (and picture taking and video capturing and music playing and stuff).

The last new thing I had since the past week is my copy of the latest issue of PULP Magazine. I know you're thinking, "So what?". Man, PULP's March 2011 issue is special for me. Giniling Festival is featured in it! So as early as the 1st day of this month, I checked at Booksale and purchased one. I told them (Giniling Festival) that I saw the article already and that their photos are "soo haaawt!".

Okay. So we're done with the new stuff. Let's move on to the old things, or should I say "old issues". Ralph Jhonel (*someone screamed "I knew it!"*) started to ignore me — again! After I spent sleepless nights to save his ass from the loads of editing processes for the articles of Muy Leal magazine where he is the Editor-in-Chief (see entry That's What You Get and I Could Not Believe My Eyes), I'm suddenly invisible again. But surprise, I'm less bothered. Maybe I'm getting used of our vicious cycle; he ignores me, he ignores me not, he ignores me and so on. I know he's living a busy life. I heard that tommorrow's the graduation day of his cadets, he must be very preoccupied with tasks. I just miss him is all. He promised he's gonna throw an inuman when he comes home, I look forward to that.

That sums up pretty much everything about the old and the new about me. My life still goes pretty ordinarily. I'm kinda bothered about my studies. I really have this feeling I'm going to flunk half, if not all, of my subjects. But I'm planning to catch up and make up for it. I just hope it's not too late!

So, I guess that's all for now. I'm going to always update from now on, I promise.
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