I'm Sorry, I'm Stupid

February 11, 2012

Dear Apa,

I'm too tired from dance rehearsals and so sleepy, but I can't sleep. I just had a confrontation with my bestfriend through SMS and man was he so mad at me. T_T

Earlier, I sent a group message about the Beats I lost the other night and Jhepmar thought I was saying that it was him or one of his friends who stole the headphones. I know the message reads as if I was putting the blame to other people, but it wasn't him or any of his friends. Jhepmar is my bestfriend! We know each other very well. I know that he won't do such thing to me, because if he's the kind who's gonna steal things from me, he's probably done it before.

I said I'm sorry. I wasn't sure why I apologized, but I said I'm sorry anyway. But I know he's not ever gonna listen. I know Jhepmar, he's never gonna understand me when I explain what really happened. And now, I know our friendship is in jeopardy again. I'm starting to get scared Apa, the last time we had a fight, Jhepmar did not talk to me for months. He's my bestfriend, but he's also my worst enemy.

As of the moment, I'm thinking of a way to talk to him about this. He's the only friend I can't lose. My life is about to end soon, can't our friendship wait a little longer? I hope he did not mean it when he said we are not friends anymore. I hope he can wait until the day I die before he decides to end this friendship. It's not gonna take long anyway.

it's me,

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