High Five

August  08, 2016

Dear Apa,

Hey, it's August 8! Guess what, five years ago, I found you on Facebook! You read it right, it's been five years since I started writing to you. Five years and you still have no idea that someone like me exists and writes you letters.

Let's go back in time. It was actually August 5 when I rode a jeepney with you. And from that day on, I kept thinking about you. So I decided to find you on Facebook (thanks to the tattoo on your arm, I knew what your name is). And on August 8, after some profile searches, I finally found you. And I started writing you letters since.

Nothing has changed since the last five years Apa, you're still my most reliable friend. I still don't care if you won't respond to my letters, let alone read them. As long as I still have stories to tell, I will keep telling them to you. Even when I know that the story of my life will never interest you.

Thanks for being there!

it's me,

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