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November  20, 2016

Dear Apa,

Hey! I'm really sorry I wasn't writing to update you these past few months, I was busy with my new job. You read it right, I'm working again. Yay! I started working for another contact center in UP Ayala-TechnoHub just a month ago and guess what, I have new friends!

I was actually supposed to be part of Frankie's wave but I guess I was fortunate enough to start training a week later 'coz I found a new family with my wave mates and our trainer. You know me, I can be a little too introvert. But surprisingly, I got along with them lot right away. I mean, I know I still need to work on with my socializing skills—or my intra-personal skills or whatever you may call it—but at least I'm trying.

These are my wave mates.

Last week, we (Nadine, Mark, Hero, CJ, Nico, Paul, our trainer JJ and me) went to SM Marikina to celebrate Nadine's birthday at Vikings and man, it was fun. I was kind of holding back at first (you know me, I'm not really confident of my self), but as soon as I got comfortable with all of them around, I started letting them know who I really am. I was really really proud of being my self that night. Especially when we were at the karaoke place to drink and party. It was one epic night and I was the star of the night. Haha. They loved me! I was never that happy.

L-R: JJ (our trainer), CJ, Paul, Nico, Mark, Hero, Nadine and me.

A week after (it was last Friday), they invited me again for another drinking session. And of course I won't say no! This time, we were with more mates from my wave. I knew it was gonna be awesome. We went to CJ's place in Novaliches and we drank brandy and I was fucking wasted I slept at the terrace, would you believe that? Haha. That was such an experience.

At CJ's house - November 18, 2016.

But does it matter if I got totally drunk to the point where I actually gave a dude a lap dance? Is it a big deal if I was left to sleep outside the house? HELL NO! None of them matters, because what really matters is that I had an awesome time and that I have a bunch of friends now. And I know that you are happy for me Apa.

But I'm still kind of insecure about my self though. I'm not sure my mouth wouldn't be shut tighter than a clam's shell tomorrow at work. It's not them, it's me. I'm always my own worst enemy.

it's me,

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