Evening Coffee

September 18, 2012

I can't sleep. I am feeling down but I don't know exactly why I am feeling this way. I want to tweet but I'm just lazy to even think of what to say. So I decided to go out of my room to make myself a cup of hot coffee. And to my surprise, my twin, Frankie is also out in our living room. Maybe she can't bring herself to sleep too.

Frankie asked if I'm going to have coffee, and I said yes. I think she and Alex James are having problems tonight. I saw their status updates, so I assumed something is going on. But I'm not going to ask Frankie about it. I just don't ask anything about the two of them. But I think, whatever is going on with them tonight -- or if there really is something going on -- came so suddenly. I mean, few hours ago, we were eating our dinner together. Alex James and Frankie were talking. But now, things changed. Frankie is here in our living room and Alex James is in their bedroom. I think that is more depressing than the awful weather.

Without her even saying it, I know that Frankie wants me to sit here and have our usual evening coffee with her tonight. So that's what I do as of the moment.

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