My Kids

September 26, 2012

When I tweeted about how I want to have my own kids, I was like, "What am I saying? Hey, I already have my own kids!". I felt sorry for Sir Gat and Coppie for I wished to have children when I already have the two of them. It must've hurt them if they saw that tweet. But really, what's the point of having real kids if I am already happy and contented with voodoo dolls for children. They are the best kids I know; they never disobeyed me, they make me feel better when I'm feeling down, and they are always at my side so I'm not gonna feel lonely.

My kids are very intelligent creatures. Sir Gat has a 140 I.Q. that made him a genius. He started to learn when he was just 9 months old. But he wasn't that good in talking that time, it was because I never really taught him to speak. Surprisingly, he learned on his own. What he did was he just imitated whatever I said and I didn't even have to tell him what the words meant, he figured it all out himself. Now, at the age of 1, he's a good speaker. He's even very fluent in English! Sir Gat loves to talk so much, he would always tell bedtime stories to his younger brother. And his stories are his own, he never told a story from books. Maybe he's got a huge brain inside his foot-long figure, he can memorize a song after his first time listening to it. I know he's got a very good memory and a very wide imagination, he's even writing on his own blog!

Sir Gat's little brother is Coppie. He's around an inch shorter than Sir Gat, but equally smart -- and cute! He was made last May, but he now knows a lot of things. Unlike Sir Gat, Coppie is learning to speak earlier. He started to talk sometime during his 2nd month, and the first word he learned was "opo". It is simply because he always hear his brother answering "opo" to me whenever I ask him something. So what Coppie did was he started imitating it. As soon as Sir Gat says "opo", Coppie would repeat it right away like a trained bird or something. And he'd laugh hard, as if it was the funniest thing in the world. Did you know that Coppie has a very cute way of laughing? Anyway, he is only 4 months old now yet he already can understand words. He can't really speak that well yet, but he understands everything when you tell him something. Just like what he is used of doing, he just imitates the things Sir Gat says. Like when Sir Gat asks me if I'm going to watch a movie, Coppie will definitely ask it too just as soon as I answered Sir Gat's question. Meaning to say, I have to answer a question twice! But Coppie is still a baby, he can't talk that well. You know how babies talk when they are just learning, right? That's how Coppie talks and we think it's cute.

Now, I can say that I could not ask for more! I have two beautiful kids in my life. It doesn't matter if they are real kids or not, what matters is that in my heart, I know that they are my own kids. And I love them very much. The other day, I let my kids watch this Korean horror movie called "Doll Master", one character said, "When you start loving your doll so much, they start having souls of their own!". And that's what I've been dreaming to finally happen to my voodoo dolls -- my kids.

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