Stay Up All Night

November 21, 2015

Dear Apa,

Hey! I've been meaning to write you a letter again since last month but now that I finally decided to do it, it is also now that I can't think of anything to say. I don't even know how to start. But let me try.

How's life? I know that it's ridiculous to just suddenly ask that after three years and a month. But I am always too lazy to think of better ways. I wonder if you already forgot about me, but the truth is that you don't even know me to start with. How can somebody possibly forget about someone he doesn't even know exists? But if you're going to ask me, I almost forgot about you and I'm sorry. You can't blame me, I haven't wrote in the last three years. Not that I didn't want to, it's just that there wasn't really anything to write about.

Now, if you're going to ask me, my life actually didn't change since the last time I wrote. But I don't plan on giving you an update on my life starting from three years ago, I don't really wanna bore you with it. Maybe sometime, I will tell you a little of it but right now's not a good time. All I really wanna tell you right now is that I'm going to start writing letters to you again. I'm not sure I m not gonna be as emo as before when writing you letters but I want to be honest, I'm still kind of neurotic. So maybe expect depressing letters from me still. That's just the way I am, you know.

it's me,

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