Hello Again Raki!

December 06, 2015

Dear Apa,

I started writing again. Actually, I just tried to continue the novel I’ve been writing for years. Did I tell you I was writing this story called “Raki Starr”? I don’t remember ever telling you about it, or maybe I casually mentioned it before in passing. But anyway, it’s this story about a girl named Raki who is struggling for love and success in her music career. I know it sounds corny but I swear, it’s not like any other love stories you may have read. It’s kind of an adaptation of my real life, not-so-picture-perfect love story but I’m not gonna write it exactly like my story because mine is too boring. I’m planning to over-romanticize it a bit but not to the point where it’s gonna read a lot like a cheap pocket book.

So I’ve been planning to finish the novel for a long time but everytime I try, I always end up doing something else instead. I just can’t seem to stay on focus while I’m at it. I don’t know, maybe it’s what they call “writer’s block” or something. So now, after adding another three paragraphs to the novel, I decided I’m just gonna write to you for now and here I am. You see, my fingers are itching to type something but my mind doesn’t want to cooperate. And I thought that writing you a letter doesn’t require me to think hard of what to say ‘coz I always say random things to you.

You know, I wanna be a writer. I dream of having my stories published. But maybe I’m just not well equipped to do it. Or do I just not believe enough on myself?

I think I’m just gonna look for inspiration first. You know, writers need to be inspired in order to come up with ideas. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I guess I’m gonna read a book, or watch a movie or two. Maybe I’ll be inspired or something. And maybe then I can start writing again.

it's me,

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