Dia de los Muertos

January 16, 2016

Dear Apa,


It's 2016! It's another year, but it doesn't really feel like something is new. See I'm still the same; except that I already have a job again! Yay!

Okay, so the other day, I applied for a job and the recruitment hub sent me to Technohub (it's located in U.P.), but I told the interviewer that I didn't want to be assigned there as it's gonna give me too much hassle to travel from Bulacan to there. I told her that I wanted to be assigned at their West Avenue site and she endorsed me, and I had my Operations interview and another series of examinations at the West Avenue site yesterday. I passed!

Anyway, the last letter I wrote for you was about the novel I've been writing. Guess what, I took a rest from writing Raki Starr and started working on a new novel which I call "Dia de los Muertos". It's about a transgendered woman (but the story is not revolving around her transition phase) who has a deal with the demon. You see, it's not a love story or anything cheesy. It's actually gonna have a lot of action in it. Also, as you know me, I love morbid stuff so I'm including violence in it, and drugs, sex, blood, murders, torture, more blood, profanity, abuse, satanic references and even more blood. It's so me right? That's why I enjoy writing it.

I actually already wrote 9 chapters but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted everything so I had to start over, which is just fine 'coz now I manage to develop the scenes more.

I don't know when I'm gonna be able to finish it, I don't rush myself. Especially now that I already have a job and I'm gonna be too busy to keep my focus on writing. But I plan on writing still during my free times. And when I finish it, I'm gonna be sending the manuscript to VisPrint (Bob Ong's publisher).

Right now, I'm working on completing my pre-employment requirements. I decided to write to you just to give you updates. And now that I'm telling you all these stuff in this letter, I just figured out that hey, there actually are new thing for me this year after all.

it's me,

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