The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined

March 05, 2016

Dear Apa,


I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you lately. I apologize but I know you understand. See I have a job now and I don't have that much time anymore, unlike when I was still a worthless, lazy ass. Guess what, there's a possibility for me to be endorsed to production. "Production", by the way, is where our real job happens; where we take in calls. I know I need to make it clear to you 'coz for a musician like you, the word means differently.

Anyway, I made a lot of friends too! Yay! Sure they're all different people with different personalities, from different walks of life, but we all got along quickly. And now that we will be endorsed to different teams next week, I'm starting to feel some sort of separation anxiety or something or whatever. I love that bunch of people, especially JC. And thinking that we will all be separated makes me feel sad somehow.

But who knows? I might make good friends with my future team mates too. I might even find someone like JC — my confidante. You know, it might work. But it might also not. And I know that nothing will ever compare to my friendship with JC. It is something really special and really important to me. That is why I cried hard when we fought the other day for a very stupid reason. I thought I was gonna lose him. It was scary because he's only been my friend for weeks and I don't wanna lose him. I want us to be friends until the end. That's why when he apologized to me, I gave in right away.

But you know what, we never know what we could possibly expect. Life has its own middle finger, and yes, shit happens. I'm not sure if JC also thinks the same about our friendship. But if for him, this friendship is not as special as how I see it then that's just fine. I am used of the hurt anyway.

it's me,

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