March 05, 2016

Dear Apa,

Oh my fucking god! I'm so excited for tomorrow.

Last Monday, Rein went here at my house to visit. But she thought I was sleeping, so she just went home. And when I went out to fetch her from our gate, she was already gone. So I called her and asked her why she came over.

"Nothing." She said. "I just missed you."

And I really miss her too. So I told her I'd visit her on my rest day. I promised I'd make some tuna sandwiches and bring them when I go there. It's my rest day today and tomorrow, so we decided to have it tomorrow.

I just came home from WalterMart where I purchased the stuff I need for my sandwiches. And now I just can't wait for tomorrow. I'm gonna start preparing my tuna sandwiches later after I had my hair dyed again.

When I started working again, I promised my self I'm gonna maintain a work-life balance. And ofcourse, social life is part of the "life" side. See when I was with my previous company, I got stuck with just work. I didn't have a social life because during my rest days, I just stayed home and all I did was really rest. My friends would invite me out but I refused each time because I'd rather sleep in at home. But I'm not gonna let that happen again, everything should be balanced—even work and life. Maybe this way, I'm gonna be able to avoid stress like what I always get when I'm working. I know I need this; to relax, to unwind, to socialize.

it's me,

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