March 13, 2016

Dear Apa,

Okay, I know this is gonna be a news for you because 1.) You know me, I was never really the friendly kind, and 2.) This is the first time I've felt some sort of separation anxiety. I didn't think I'd be having this feeling. To start with, I don't have feelings—or so I thought. And besides, I should already be immune to being left behind by the people I care about.

Last Friday, we finally graduated from our Learning Lab. And the thought of having to go on our own separate ways makes me really sad. It's depressing. I can't believe it's over now. Those friends—the "Tough Ten", as I secretly call our wave (or what's left of it, at least)—and our TL and SMEs are people who really matter to me. Can you believe it Apa? I made friends! You see, I'm no longer anti-social (just anti-Christ. LOL). But when I already started getting closer to them, it is also when I need to let them go.

Maybe that's really how it goes in this industry, people just come and go. It might be depressing but I guess I just have to deal with it. Maybe, at the back of my mind, what I really worry about is how I'm gonna start over again. I'm gonna meet a new set of people from my new team, but are they gonna be like the Tough Ten? Are they gonna be my friends too? It's ridiculous to compare these two sets of people—or anyone else for that matter—but I guess, what I'm trying to tell you is that it's not everyday that I make friends. It's not everyday that I meet people like the Tough Ten. They made a mark in my heart, and it's too prominent enough that it won't be easy to erase.

I know you must be thinking "Give your new team mates a chance to make friends with you". I know you wanna say it 'coz you're kind like that. Okay. I'll try. But if it didn't work, I promise I'll be fine. Because at the end of the day, I'll still be having you Apa. You're the only friend who will never ever leave me. That I am sure about.

it's me,

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