Dear My Closest Friend

August 17, 2011

Hi there!

I know you're still awake, I see you keep posting tweets. I just felt like writing to you, you know. But I don't really have something to tell you. Maybe I just want to talk to someone. You see, I signed up for our college's newsletter team and I want to brag it to everybody. I didn't make it through yet, but I am pretty sure I will.

You know for certain that this is one of my dreams, right? That is why the first thing I did as I got home today was tell you the news. But you still won't reply. Tonight, I sent you another message asking if you could possibly quit ignoring me. I'm not anticipating for a response, of course I'm not! And I can't help but to feel sad about it again. I miss you. Honestly, I don't quite get it why you keep ignoring me. The last thing I remember was we were working on with your magazine and then nothing. Was it wrong helping you out when you need me? Most of the times I just wish you need me everytime so you won't have to keep distant. But I know that when you need me no more, I'm going to be nobody to you again. It always hurts me realizing that, but I just console my self by saying that at the very least, it was you! At least I had time for you, and you for me. Sad, but if that's the way it should always be, I should just always console my self by thinking positive.

Do you know that if you're going to give a damn about me even just once, it would really mean a lot to me? But since you're not doing that, I just had another realization; I don't mean anything to you, so why would you bother spending a little of your attention? I just miss you. After all, we used to be friends. Old friends talk to one another from time to time, don't they? I always envy those people who still talk to their friends after several years. Sometimes I just think to my self, was I never really a good friend? You told me that before, and now I find it hard to delete it from my memory. That is why I'm trying my best to be good enough. But now it seems too late. You're gone.

Dear Photskie, I know you are a busy person. So if you happen to still be reading this up to here, thank you very much. At least you gave me a little of your time and attention; the things I've been asking from you for months. I miss you. Take care. Don't forget.

it's me,

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