You're Beautiful

August 08, 2011


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Dear Apa,

Good morning! Guess what, I already found your Facebook account and I really feel so happy right now. I didn’t expect to find you, I didn’t realize it’s going to be that easy. Maybe I was really meant to find you, maybe even meant to have ridden on the same jeepney where you rode that fateful day. Now my smile just won’t fade – with James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” (covered by a girl named Sabrina) on repeat in my headset. I’m sure this song is going to be the soundtrack of my life from now on. Do you happen to know this song? It’s about falling in love with a stranger and never having an idea whether they’re going to meet again. So it’s going to be my song for you.

OMG! I’m starting to feel like Stan writing letters and dedicating songs to Eminem! LOL. But don’t freak out man, I’m not going to do the shit he did. After all, I don’t even really plan on obliging you to read these letters. Although I want to download your photos to keep in my mobile, I’m sure I’m even going to make one of them as my computer’s desktop wallpaper. But that should not mean that I’m obsessed or something. Let’s try to think that I’m a huge fan of yours.

This is somewhat true though, that I’m a fan. I knew by the moment that I saw you that you must be a musician. I have this natural talent to know if a person is in a band. Maybe it’s because I am a confessed frustrated rockstar and I love reading Pulp Magazine. I guess those are the major factors why I can tell if a person is in a rock band by just judging on the way he looks; the style, the attitude, the whole package. In your case, the goatee!

Anyway, I tried to write to you last night about this little catastrophe I am caught up in right now but I thought maybe it’s not a good thing to consult you about those kinds of matter now that we don’t even know each other yet. But really, if I suddenly feel like I want to spill my heart out, I’ll do the spiel. But for now, since I’m having a very good vibe, I want to keep it off my mind until this good vibe fades out. I’m kinda emo, you know. I can’t keep my self cheered up. If I feel glad and uplifted for a moment, I’d be totally quiet and feeling down the next. I am prone to sudden mood swings!

Hey Apa, I’m downloading your pictures right now. But if you think it’s not the right thing to do, just say something like, “Hey freak, leave my pictures alone!” and I’d be more than willing to delete them lots. I just want to keep them so that I can’t forget how you look like, but really, the choice is always yours since they’re your property.

I should go now. The sun is already up and I should get some sleep! I’ll write to you again!

It’s me,


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