Missed All the Fun

December 28, 2010

I sit here in my room while my friends are out for the night, having fun. Imagine that! Whether I like it or not, I can't go with them as I don't have money (let's all groan!). I mean, what can be more depressing than being broke?

I called Avi through Frankie's mobile to tell her my birthday greeting, Tophe and Anne are both with her. I miss them so much, but Macabebe is too far for me to go to. If only I have the money, I probably showed up. But, really, do I have a choice?

I called Marki after I talked to my ABE friends. Marki's with the Cryptic Illusion at the pool party. I suddenly want to go there when I heard all their noises in the background. Man, I'm so jealous! I told them I'd try to make a way and go there, but I'm certain I can't make it.

I honestly think that life's being unfair to me. Now that I want to make the most out of this friggin' Christmas break, but the hell, it is also now that I don't have money. I want to at least spend the night drinking GSM Blue with Jhepmar or something or whatever. But when I checked how much money I have, I wanted to slit my wrists or hang my self to death. D'Arvit! I hate it when I don't have money.

Oh great! I have yet another reason to cry my self to sleep tonight!

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