December 27, 2010


I texted Ralph Jhonel just before my Unlitxt20 expires. I just said "imy", as lame as that! But I don't really expect him to text back.

But I mean it. I really miss him. So much, as a matter of fact. Especially that the temperature outside dropped to a chilling sort. It's nostalgic! It makes me remember those days in January 2009 when we were filming our movie. We would wear jackets the whole day, even in the afternoons, or we probably would end up having colds.

Man, we were seeing a whole, freakin' lot of each other then. Almost every single day. I actually thought it will never end.

Now, the best thing I can do is wear his jacket and remember him whenever the weather's like this. I'm glad he gave me this jacket I'm wearing right now and everytime I feel like I want to be with him. I even sleep in this during cold nights. I feel somewhat secured, I don't know.

I know he knows I really miss him when he read my text. I know I don't really need to say it at all. That's one thing I like about him, he understands me. And I'm sure, same thing goes for when I say "ily". He's going to understand.

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