Milo the Motormouth

December 30, 2010


This is the point of the day I hate the most. Most days, my uncle Milo works during these times at his work shop which happened to be located right next to my room. I have no problem with where this work shop of his is located, but with his seemingly unending talkathons while working. Mind you, he doesn't even need a companion to listen to his rantings.

It's been his mannerism since I can remember. He would go forever blabbing about whatever-the-fuck sprouts out in his mind and he would retell it again and again and again as if we never heard it the first time. If you think it couldn't get any worse, you got it wrong! Because he would perform his monologue at the top of his lungs. Imagine that!

What I am complaining about is that this is the point of the day when I am finally feeling sleepy. Man, I need to get some sleep but it's impossible. Aside from his loud voice bombarding from his work shop, what he does also requires him to contribute more to the noise pollution. He bangs woods with his hammer, he welds pieces of scrap metals together and the most annoying of all is that he uses numerous craggy machines that sound like an angry t-rex on the lose. Most of the times, I just bury my head under my pillow. That's the temporary solution to this dilemma so far!

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