It's the Worst Page in the Universe

December 30, 2010

This must be a reminder for me to be more careful enough not to be victimized by the catchy-slash-misleading names some web and/or blog sites have, and end up feeling stupid for ever clicking the damn link. Too late for that reminder though, I happen to have browsed through this fuckin' site just now. It is actually supposed to be a humorous site but the whole friggin' site seems to be designed by that son-of-a-gun just to insult, humiliate, discriminate and offend people regardless of whatever kind of people his readers may be. Not only he make people feel miserable about themselves, he also has those D'Arvitting entries that promote suicides, domestic violence and cruelty to animals.

Unlike all the other blog sites that try to attract readers for positive comments, this particular site seems to aim hatred towards it. The ass-hole owner of the blog even added a page specially created for the hate-mails he recieves from those who read his bullshit rants and found them really annoying. What amazes me big time is that he actually devotes his time in giving yet another shit in response to the hate-mails.

It doesn't seem to matter to him even if he has to face charges for his actions. There was that incident that PETA sent him notices through e-mail about one of his articles that talks about killing farm animals. Guess what, he just threw cautions into the space and even made fun of the PETA personnel who, in hope of poking the shit-talker's conscience (if he even has it), sent the e-mail.

Surprisingly, the site manages to attract fans. The entries in it's fan-mail page prove it. Apparently, evil forces reigns in the worldwide web. I really pity the ones who support that piece of crap. I may not always be ranting about good things and make use of good vocabulary in my own blog, at least I don't put my self on a pedestal and look down at people and laugh at their incapabilities. I love my readers — if there's any — and this blog is for them. Go Ask Tuesday is designed to entertain and share my experiences and the lessons I learned from them to my readers. I don't really seek fans, but I don't like haters either.

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