It's Days Like This I Want to Fight With Everyone Who Gets in My Way!

December 27, 2010


Oh my God! I reached my boiling point again. I am totally pissed. He doesn't even do or say anything to me, but that's exactly the point. He won't show himself up or at least tell me he's not willing to waste his seemingly precious time doing so. He makes me feel as if I'm wandering through the darkness with my arms stretched-out in front of me. I can't see a friggin' thing, and I don't know which direction should I take. Man, I don't even know where to start.

I know what's going to be his defense; that he did not come home for me. I know that guy very well. He knows I'm never gonna argue when he starts pointing out that he's got a life. That is why I just try not to confront him. Because I'm never gonna win if I start a fight. I'm always wrong-footed. I'm always assuming that things are happening when, according to him, they don't even do. I'm always paranoid, I always have an imaginative mind. And so, with all these, I'll always be the one to shut the fuck up and just understand. Because, between the two of us, I am the one whose losing a bunch if our friendship falls apart. He's got nothing to lose, because I don't have any value.

I was told that maybe he's going to make things up for me, I honestly think he don't even realize he's making me feel this way. He can make it up to me or he can just keep the truth to himself (as if I don't already know). Either ways, I know I'm still gonna accept him with open arms. I guess that's how much I love him.

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