Five Senses

March 11, 2011


1.) The Sense of Sight

"Nasan ka na?" I texted him. He just finished taking pictures of the famous Barasoain Church as I suggested.

"Papunta na ng crossing." he texted back.

Yesterday, I was drowning in excitement for I was going to see him again. He texted me Monday night, saying he's coming to see the Barasoain Church and take its pictures for his project for his Photography class. And last night, he did.

I waited for a while, but it actually felt millenniums. And then, after two sticks of Marlboros, he came. There he was, in the flesh. I could not believe my eyes.

2.) The Sense of Hearing

We were about to go to the Capitol when he suddenly felt like he wanted to take photos of the city's night view from somewhere elevated.

"Saan kaya pwede?" he asked.

I suggested our college building so we walked back and went 3 floors up but the windows are facing the wrong direction and it's impossible to see the city lights. So I brought him at the comfort rooms instead where the little window made him able to capture the view he wanted.

He started working with his camera. I never thought photography takes time. I waited outside the comfort rooms, talking to whoever passes by. Man, I got tired of explaining to every single person trying to use the comfort room why there was a guy with a DSLR inside.

And after a while, there were only the two of us. I waited a bit more.

"Tues, wait lang ha?" he said. I stared at him. He was really there. I heard him call my name again. The way he called my name made me want my name more.

3.) The Sense of Smell

Just before the college closes, he was finally done working at the comfort room and then we headed to the Capitol. We were walking side by side when I suddenly smelled the faint smell of his cologne which kinda wore-off already. I miss him, God knows I did. I was really glad he was right there, inches away. Too close that I managed to smell his cologne. Who would've thought?

4.) The Sense of Touch

He didn't take photos of the sculptures at the Capitol grounds because there were no lights that could've made the sculptures visible in the dark. So he decided to just go home — it was late anyway. We sat next to each other in the jeepney, talking to catch up with things. My God! I longed to be at his side again. I was really, really thankful that the jeepney was jam-packed that I had to force my self to move closer to him. I was leaning back so he didn't see I was staring at him half the trip. I smiled. I fell in love even deeper.

5.) The Sense of Taste

Bittersweet. That's how it was. Sweet because he finally was there; I can see, I can hear, I can smell, I can touch. But bitter because those are only the best I can ever do. But don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that at the very least, he was there. For real. The only person to ever appeal my every senses. The guy that makes me feel my mortality. The one that gives meaning to my life. Ralph Jhonel. The love of my life.

"Thanks Tues." he said before he got out of the jeepney. And then he was out of sight.

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