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March 5, 2011


Hi there! It's been quite a long while since I last updated. I wasn't busy, I just wasn't in the mood. For a reason, I only update this blog through my mobile and Opera Mini is becoming such a huge pain in the ass. I tried Bolt but it just can't do better. That is why my hopes are so high and I'm looking forward to getting our new PC set next week. It's going to be more convenient to blog and update my awful lot of networking accounts, plus I won't have to abuse my Samsung GenoA.

There really is nothing to say, or at least no specific topic. I just thought I ought to update, so I decided to go random. What are the latest events in my not-so-picture-perfect life? Let's see.

Let's start with the new things. Aside from the new PC set we're getting next week, there are some new items I got. I've got 2 new pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors; a pair of black, basic low-cuts and a pair of gray, vintage skate shoes. They're from the States, my aunt gave them to me. I was really pleased with the skate-shoes, I've been dying to get one! At least now I won't have to stash my own cash to purchase one. I'm planning to buy folders fastener to accentuate the shoelaces like that of the display I saw at the mall 2 weeks ago. I'm gonna take a photo of my skate-shoes when it already have the fasteners on.

Another new thing is my new mobile number. I'm not hiding my self, okay. I just had this thought that I've been using my old SIM card for 7 years or so and that it will soon self-destruct itself or something, so I got my self a Globe Tattoo SIM which I actually thought would give me the "ultimate WAP surfing experience" but doesn't. Honestly, it's even worst! When it rains, connection is always frustrating. But it's alright. As soon as we get a new desktop computer, I'm getting broadband connection so my mobile would only be used for call and text (and picture taking and video capturing and music playing and stuff).

The last new thing I had since the past week is my copy of the latest issue of PULP Magazine. I know you're thinking, "So what?". Man, PULP's March 2011 issue is special for me. Giniling Festival is featured in it! So as early as the 1st day of this month, I checked at Booksale and purchased one. I told them (Giniling Festival) that I saw the article already and that their photos are "soo haaawt!".

Okay. So we're done with the new stuff. Let's move on to the old things, or should I say "old issues". Ralph Jhonel (*someone screamed "I knew it!"*) started to ignore me — again! After I spent sleepless nights to save his ass from the loads of editing processes for the articles of Muy Leal magazine where he is the Editor-in-Chief (see entry That's What You Get and I Could Not Believe My Eyes), I'm suddenly invisible again. But surprise, I'm less bothered. Maybe I'm getting used of our vicious cycle; he ignores me, he ignores me not, he ignores me and so on. I know he's living a busy life. I heard that tommorrow's the graduation day of his cadets, he must be very preoccupied with tasks. I just miss him is all. He promised he's gonna throw an inuman when he comes home, I look forward to that.

That sums up pretty much everything about the old and the new about me. My life still goes pretty ordinarily. I'm kinda bothered about my studies. I really have this feeling I'm going to flunk half, if not all, of my subjects. But I'm planning to catch up and make up for it. I just hope it's not too late!

So, I guess that's all for now. I'm going to always update from now on, I promise.

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