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March 03, 2011


Today was so juvenile! Do you remember those silly games we used to play in our kindergarten days? Guess what, we did some of 'em today.

But it was not a bad thing, really. Of course it wasn't. What we did actually has deeper sense.

In our Communication Skills 2 class, we did an origami. It was meant to practice ourselves to follow directions. So there was an instructional YouTube video in the monitor of Mr. Guinto's laptop which taught us to make a butterfly out of the piece of paper distributed to us. It was pretty easy, although my origami was a little crumpled and the edges were uneven because there was no scissors provided. But I managed to finish my butterfly somehow.

After that, in our Euthenics 2 class, we played that passing-oranges-without-using-hands thing. I was really like, "WHAT THE FUCK?!". It's the last thing I wanted to do in class — embarrassing my self! But I still gave in just for the sake of it and just to get over with it. What we did was we passed the orange using our necks, shoulders and chins. I was next to Mr. Guinto in line. My God, his growing beard pricked my skin. And to tell you the truth, it still itches now.

Group 1.

The winners, group 2.

The lesson from that activity, Mr. Guinto told us afterwards, was that the most neglected means of communication is the sense of touch. But really, I didn't see why play that stupid game. Why not other stuff? Gah!

It's just half of the day but I'm left with nothing to do. I was supposed to take my pre-final exams today, but I decided to just take it on Monday. I sit here at the benches as usual.

OMG!! OH MY GOD!! My current crush — Mizu Inagaki — just passed by and greeted me! I'm on a high right now! I missed him, I missed his cute face. Too bad there's only a little time left in this school year, I'm really gonna miss seeing him.

It's time to go home now, I'm gonna update later. I have a story to tell. See our college dean just talked to me about some really serious matter. I will go into details later. Bye!

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