Thanks Ma'am Borj!

March 10, 2011


I just got home. I want to rest for a little while and have some lunch but since I promised to tell you the details of the little conversation I had with our college dean earlier, the first thing I do as I reached home is update this blog with the follow up to the prior entry.

I sat at the benches at my college's main building corridor after class while I was waiting for my twin, Frankie, so we could go home together. Mrs. Borja, the college dean, sat next to me and asked how I've been. I responded in my most-polite-slash-most-courteous. I thought it was so nice and humble of her to stop and talk to me. She said she noticed how inactive I am nowadays in my fields and that she's not used to seeing me just sitting at the benches alone when I used to have a "colorful life". So I told her the bitter truth, that I am no longer interested in leading for my organizations. I saw sadness in her eyes. I know that the day I set foot in our college, Mrs. Borja started believing in all my potentials in leading and excelling in my studies. I felt sorry for my self for being so weak; that just because I felt left behind, I quit what I started.

I was living a colorful life. During my first semester in my college, lots of people believed in what I can do. Most of my friends look up to me with liberal amounts of respect. I got an awful lot of praises and attention and in all honesty, I felt really well-liked.

Popularity is really such a big word, and it's okay to want to be famous because popularity is well synonymous with being well-liked and being the crowd favorite. But in real life, there's no such thing like forever. Everything has to end. And now, I turned from somebody to nobody. I feel like a wallflower, trying to fit in. And there even are times I feel invisible. In the last two semesters, I'd always eat alone during breaks. And in my classes, I'd sit at the farthest end with not a soul next to me. Most days I'd just feel the need to cry. But really, it is not going to help. Those were the days I felt the lost of appetite for attending classes. I'd see old friends with their new cliques and I'd feel rather lethargic. I miss it being a Tuesday Sucgang. I miss the Tuesday I once was.

"I believe in all your potentials and I'm looking forward to seeing you and your twin back in your colors.". Those were the last words she said. It may not be that strong a statement, yet it moved me. So now, here I am. I am Tuesday Sucgang. I'm back! Thanks Ma'am Borj.

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