I Guess I Just Miss You POSH-kie!

March 15, 2011


Since the other night, I kept calling Ralph Jhonel
"metalhead-turned-coñotic-kid" not because I just want to do so but because it's a universal truth. If there is one thing that makes the tremendous change in him real obvious, it's the evident sosyal-ness in him.

I wasn't the first to notice it, what do I know about being sosyal? It was my twin, Frankie, who made me aware of Ralph Jhonel's being sosyal. I think I was telling her something about Ralph Jhonel when she cut me in, mid-sentence, to ask "coño?". That's when things suddenly occurred to me which strengthened the proof of the fact that Ralph Jhonel is changed.

I did not like it. I don't want Ralph Jhonel to be someone I barely know. It scares me big time just thinking that one day, he's going to be totally changed and he's going to be like a stranger. I thought I must do something about it.


I called him "metalhead-turned-coñotic-kid". I can't remember any reactions coming from him, so I considered my "plan B" and called Ralph Jhonel "POSH-kie" — parodied to what I really call him; Photskie. From that moment onwards, it became my pet-name for him.


And then I started making fun of him. I wrote an entry called "Metalhead-Turned-Coñotic-Kid" which gave me the hardest time writing (as if he's ever gonna read!). And then, last night, I commented on one of his Facebook statuses which was some lyrics from a song I thought I heard somewhere.

I had to ask Frankie about it just to be sure, Frankie knows it and even played it on through her music player and sang to it. The mere fact that Frankie knows it made the light bulb above my head shine; it was a chance to make fun some more, and I commented.

He defended himself, but since I have this natural talent to insult people, I knew just what to do. I went on!

"Maybe the reason why I peeve it that Ralph Jhonel turned coñotic," I later confessed to Frankie, "is that I know that his 'Growling Tigers' friends influenced him to it."

"You can't blame him." Frankie said. "It is where he belongs now and he must fit in."

High-end universities really are people-changers, or at least they are to me. Frankie was right, Ralph Jhonel must fit in with the people surrounding him. Why do I always forget that he is not in Bulacan any more? How do I make my self accept that he's found new friends there and they're our total opposites? Maybe I'm just sub-consciously hurt of those facts. What hurts the most is that I have no rights to complain.

I felt sorry for being stupid. And before I slept, I posted a Facebook status saying, "I guess I just miss you POSH-kie.."

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