Assignment in Communication Skills 2: Paragraph Development by Examples

February 09, 2011

I had an awful lot of memorable experiences in my so-called life, and most of them I had experienced with Ralph Jhonel Gatmaitan. A perfect example would be the moment we were introduced to each other by our common friends. It was July 5th, 2008. The guys came over at my house by invitation to have a drinking session (all my friends are guys), and Ralph Jhonel came over. I was really kinda pissed at first because 1.) I barely even knew him, 2.) I never invited him over, and 3.) I though he was kinda dorky. But as the night grew deeper, I realized he isn't really boring; we share a friggin' lot of interests in common, we listen to the same kinds of music, we support the same bands and we even had the same SMS alert tones in our mobiles. I felt so fortunate that I met someone I've been trying find for God-knows-how-long. What's memorable about it is that I fell in love with him in an instant when he came over at my house the following morning and I saw how cute his smile is for the first time when he flashed those pearly-whites at me and greeted me "Good morning!". Oh his smile, it is the best sight in the world — for me, at least! As another example, the moment I came up to him to finally confess about my feelings for him makes it as one of my most memorable experiences. It was the 11th day of October, 2008, just 3 months after we were introduced. The night was almost perfect; we had pizza and beers, our friends were all there and we had our usual inuman night. It took me all the bits of courage I can ever muster to finally confess. So we were there, tears streamed down our faces, nothing was heard but deep sobs and sniffs in between and we were both motionless. I waited for what felt like milleniums for him to say a word, but his mouth was shut tighter than clam's shell. So I whispered, "Thanks for everything!" and I turned my back at him and left. Another example is the most recent memorable experience I had with him. I started feeling invisible to Ralph Jhonel since the previous Christmas break. God knows how frustrating it is for me, but God also knows I totally understand. Distance always was a pain in the ass, and the fact that I can't go to UST just to see him never fails to remind me that life has its own middle finger aimed on me. What hurts more is that he don't tell me and our friends whenever he is coming home here in Bulacan, let alone text us to say hi and check how we've been. I guess I had enough. Maybe I'm sick of hoping upon hope that he's transforming back to the old Ralph Jhonel we all knew and befriended. So I decided to quit waiting. I'm trying to forget him. It's ridiculous, I know, but the only way to escape the pain of being jailed in bitter memories is to let go and move on. But can I even get him off my conciousness and totally forget about him? I don't think so! I will never forget him for the life of me. I don't want to spend the remaining days of my entire life without Ralph Jhonel in it. There is no way I can be able to forget him. That is why when Mr. Guinto asked us to write about our most unforgettable experiences, the only thing I can manage to talk about is Ralph Jhonel. And if I ever bump my head and have an amnesia, I still want to remember him. Nothing more, just him alone.

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