I Could Not Believe My Eyes!

February 22, 2011


Oh boy! Ralph Jhonel and I are okay now!

Since the day we worked together on every single Muy Leal article (we did some editing, evaluation and stuff), the distance between me and Ralph Jhonel felt narrower. My twin, Frankie, noticed that drastic change too. Ralph Jhonel texts me every-so-often now just to see how have I been. We exchange messages on Facebook. He helps me with stuff. He became interested about our dance competitions. Things he failed to do for a long time.

And to tell you honestly, I my self could not believe it. I never expected he's going to transform back to his old self. I'm really, really thankful to God that He answered my prayers.

From now onwards, I promise to take care of our friendship. I don't want lose him again. This is a chance of a lifetime, so I must do things right.

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