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February 10, 2011


I am always fund of reporting in my classes since high school. Whenever professors assign me to do a reporting, I would always devote my time, attention and energies to it. Most times — if not always — I'd even ask my prof to give me an individual reporting task rather than having to work in a group with parasitical group mates. I'd rather work on it by my self than to suffer from the big time exhaustion I'd probably get from having to monitor a group if members are or if they aren't working on with their tasks. Call me a perfectionist but when it comes to class reporting, I want every little detail to be flawless. So to save my ass from dumb suckers — err, dependent group mates — and to make sure I can be able to make the best report, I'd choose to do it alone.

So I talked to Mr. Pascual to ask for permission to work on a report by my self. I was actually supposed to be working with group mates but since Mr. Pascual allowed me to go solo, I texted our group leader, Princess, and told her to count me out of the group. She won't let me go, so she talked to Mr. Pascual and she managed to make him tell me to report with Princess' group today and go solo next week. WTF? Two freakin' reports? That's crazy! But Mr. Pascual said he's going to give me separate grades for the two reports, so I was tempted and gave in.

Princess handed me the purple folder where our written report was in and told me to read on about Informal Structure of whatever-the-fuck. I was only given about 15 minutes to review and then I had to stand in front of our Principles of Management class and report. I was hardly nervous, I was sure I can get over with it with no sweat. And I did!

After the class, Mr. Pascual talked to me about the topic I have to report about next week. He ordered me to work on with 5 more topics; Chain of Command, Centralization & Decentralization, Barriers to Communication, Staffing and Coordinating and Management Guru: Phillip B. Crosby (I am currently reading my researches and I plan to do more reasearches.)

I feel a little pressured now, knowing that Mr. Pascual expects a lot from me and my report. But I know I can be able to meet his expectations, I am positive about it. I would want to impress him because it would mean making it up with my absences last cheer team days. I know this will make up for my grades, so I'm going to do this right.

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