Happy Hurt's Day! I Mean, Hearts Day!

February 14, 2011

Hi there! I missed updating this blog. It's a quarter past 10 in the morning but I don't have classes anymore. I only have 2 classes to attend to every Monday; Principles of Management and Communication Skills 2.

I started my day by putting heavy eyeliners on because it's Valentines day and it is a dark occasion for me. And because people are supposed to celebrate Valentines day with someone, I decided to spend it with Mary Ellen — my porcelain doll. I took dark photos with her before I leave for school and put the best one as my mobile's wallpaper image.

And since Valentines day is always thought of with hearts and the color red, I decided to incorporate it to my outfit:

1. Avon Fashions Zoe panty in red.
2. I "heart" Comfort school shoes.
3. New Look bag which has a huge heart on it, and
4. Red, my voodoo doll given by my ex-bestfriend, Red Golpeo (I pinned the doll on my bag).

And so it's Valentines day. But really, I don't see anything special about this day. To me, it's just like any other ordinary days.

In my Communication Skill 2 class, Mr. Guinto asked me something out of nowhere. We were doing some seat works then, so everyone was silently concentrating on their stuff. So every single soul heard it when Mr. Guinto asked, "Tuesday, are go going out on a date with Ralph today?"

I was caught by surprise, I thought Mr. Guinto was so nosy. How on earth did he know about me and Ralph Jhonel. But I answered anyway.

"We're not going out on a date today or tomorrow or whenever. We're just not going out on a date at all. We are not okay at the moment."

He didn't give any follow-ups to that, and so it was over.

Man, how many people actually think Ralph Jhonel and I are okay?
How many think we are still the same? Valentines day is not a special day. It will never be an exception for the complications between me and Ralph Jhonel. He never showed himself up on Christmas season, what more on a lame occasion such as today?

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