That's What You Get!

February 19, 2011


Good morning! I just finished helping Ralph Jhonel with his "dilemma" as the Editor-in-Chief of Muy Leal magazine. We actually started working together since the other night, but because we are far apart, it became really difficult for us to do our thing. As a result, we ended up skipping sleep last night.

Yes, I still haven't slept! My head is in pain right now and I feel nauseated. To make things worse, I gained a freakin' lot of zits around my face and my eyebags look like I haven't slept for milleniums. I decided to take pictures of my self in my current state — for fun! Look what I've got!

A close look at my eyebag!

The friggin' zits!

The sticky face!

That's what you get when you abuse your body. But like what I told Ralph Jhonel earlier, everything is worth all the efforts. In my case, it's all worth the sacrifices. Imagine, I sacrificed beauty! Let us all groan!

Kidding aside, I hope I helped Ralph Jhonel a lot that things are easier for him now. I know he had a tremendous share of hard times being the EIC, that's why I did not hesitate when he asked me to help him out. I feel fortunate that at least I experienced being an editor, even if I'm not going to gain any credits for that.

Maybe Ralph Jhonel is really an angel sent by God for me to make some of my greatest dreams come true; making a movie and editing for a magazine. OMG! I still haven't
fulfilled being a radio jock and being a rockstar! Hey Photskie, make those dreams come true! LOL!

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