February 08, 2011

It ruined half of of my day! I failed to go to school, I failed to meet up with my group mates to plan for Thursday's Principles of Management report, and I've been in bed most of the day. I hate hangovers, but I guess it's all worth the dizziness, the headache and the need to vomit.

I was walking with Frankie yesterday from the internet café and then we saw Bunso and he told me, "Inom tayo men?". I missed my "mga men" so much, so I told him to count me in. I texted all the others immediately, good thing they all agreed to show up.

I made it to Bunso's new apartment at around 9 o'clock in the evening but the others weren't there yet so I decided to wait for them and I just chit-chatted with Bunso's mom. It's been a very long time since I last saw them. Bunso's mom asked why I haven't been coming over to their place for a long time, especially to their previous apartment. I told her I've been very busy with school. Honestly, I feel bad to fail paying these people a visit, they are the most welcoming of all the families I know.

Jhepmar finally came after an hour or so. My God, I missed my bestfriend more than I missed everyone else. I was really pleased that he took an effort to show up. It meant a lot to me.

After a while, Windol came. It's kinda funny, if you wanna know the truth. I noticed he gained lots of weight and when I asked, "Tumataba ka yata men?", it felt weird. Weird because it sounded like we really haven't been seeing each other.

So we started drinking the friggin' Emperador Light — to my dismay! And we talked about lots of things, catching up. Man, that's my idea of heaven; drinking marathon with mga men, metal music on the background, taking drags after drags on our cigarettes (and that other thing that emits smoke). But at some point during the night, they suddenly mentioned Ralph Jhonel's name -- the last person I wanted to talk about. What I did was I devoted my time to my mobile, texting with Nics Guevarra, pretending I wasn't hearing mga men's rantings about Ralph Jhonel, of all topics! But they are my mga men, there's no way I'm not saying a thing when Ralph Jhonel's the topic. So they asked me if I still talk to Ralph Jhonel, I told them the bitter truth. It turned out they don't get any news about Ralph Jhonel anymore, except Jhepmar who claimed he often chats with Ralph Jhonel on Facebook. I asked them if they were told that Ralph Jhonel was here last Christmas break, they said they weren't. I was so surprised. Ralph Jhonel can't do that to his friends, especially mga men. They felt really hurt and we decided to quit talking about Ralph Jhonel any more.

It's sad, if you wanna know the truth. I've been doing my best to keep the friendship between Ralph Jhonel and my mga men, but my best wasn't good enough and things became too complicated that they suddenly became impossible to manipulate. Ralph Jhonel is changed, it turned out to be a fact that each and every one of us is well aware of. I suddenly wanted to do something about it to save the friendship, but I know I just can't change things now to bring it back to the way things were. Ralph Jhonel won't give a fuck about us any more, he proved it when he never mentioned to anybody he was here.

Maybe we just try to understand Ralph Jhonel. I know that when he finally decides to waste his time to us, my mga men will still treat him just like the old days. We were never like Ralph Jhonel, we don't turn our backs to our friendship.

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