Mathematics of Imbyernament Part 2

January 28, 2011


Just took my Mathematics of Investment exam. Man, it was a torture!

It is the only exam I planned to take today as I don't know anything from the other subjects I am enrolled in (blame the cheerleading practices). But to tell you the truth, it felt like I emptied every contents in my brain. I regret ever going inside that room where Math-Inv exams took place. I was sweating profusely just reading the instructions.

WTF? I can't figure out just what the hell the questionaire was saying. Panic stricken, I told my self to relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. I read the whole freakin' lot again then suddenly, my mind worked its way to solving the friggin problems. Taadaah! I managed to complete the rest of that suicide-attempt, badly disguised as my Math-Inv exam paper. I closed my "Green Book" (it's a pad where we write the answers to the questionaires in separate sheets of paper) as soon as I finished putting my last final answer in a box. I don't want to scan through! I know it'll just give me nightmares tonight. So I walked out the room and now I sit here at the benches along the main building corridor. Man, exams make me starve. I should've ate breakfast earlier. I plan to eat out for lunch but I'm still waiting for Frankie so I won't have to eat alone. But it's more likely she had lunch at home already. So I guess I'll just go home now and just spend the rest of the day with reviewers for companions.

I gotta go!

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