Kasumpa-sumpa ang Lunes na 'To!

January 24, 2011


The title of this entry are the exact words of this hottie basketball varsitarian sitting opposite me here at the benches along the corridor of our college's main building. Frankly speaking, I think of the same thing too!

Dig this, I forced my self to get out of bed at 4:30am, fought the urge to back-out from taking a bath (it was cold, okay), hurried my self in doing my hair and make-up, tried hard not to trip from these 4-inch heels as I walk to the jeepney stop and practiced the best Cheer Captain smile because I want to brag our victory at the recently held Inter-ABE cheerdance competition. Guess what, NO CLASSES TODAY! (There's this NSTP Literacy Training Program for the freshmen). Gah! Just when I plan on focusing all my attention to studying, these lazying things have to happen. What if they take away my drive to finally prioritize my studies? And besides, it's midterm exams week! I should be catching up with all the lessons I missed so that I won't flunk my exams.

Now I decided to just go home. I mean, there's nothing for me to do here. I guess I'll just do the laundry at home. Or better yet, sleep the whole fuckin' day.

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