These Stories Don't Mean Anything When You've Got No One To Tell Them To

January 3, 2011


Instructions: Play the video before reading the stories to set the mood. Read the stories slowly and try to picture what's happening while you read.


My phone rings in the middle of the night. It is so pitch black that it is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, its back-light blinks and I pick it up after its 3rd or 4th ring.

"Hello?" I ask, yet I get no reply. But then, the silence is broken by long, quiet sobs.

"Hello?" I ask again and again.

"I lost her..." his voice cracks as he starts to speak up.

He tells me they have broken up before, "But it's really over this time."

I catch my self crying, maybe because I know he's hurt. But I just listen as he keep wording out his emotions.

"She is my soulmate, the love of my life!" he continues, this time he practically is bawling.

I am motionless, in my mind I say, "I should be your girl." But I can't tell him that. I know he's not gonna give it a try, we're bestfriends, for heaven's sake! So I just keep it in my self.

I stare out in the darkness, my mind racing. His sobs are all I hear from the other line. I start thinking to my self, "I've wanted you since God-knows-when. You're being unfair, don't you know? There you go, crying over her when it's me who loves you to death. Why can't you see me the way you see her? I can do better. Better than she ever did."

"You what?" his voice breaks into my reverie, and then there's a pause.

Fuck! I was thinking out loud. My God, I know I am so dead.

"Did you say what I think you just said to me?" he asks.

And then I just click, hang up and murmur, "It's 'us' that's meant to be."


It's almost 2:00AM and yet I'm still wide awake. I sit here on my bed, reminiscing about the girl who used to be mine. Three words replay in my head, "Baby, it's over!" is what she said.

My eyes are red and puffy and tired and soaking wet because all I can do is cry. I can't believe how a great love was only such a lie. I cry and cry, more and more. It would've been 2 years and 5 months on December 15. Why the hell did she leave me? Why did she go? Our love was strong, but she didn't want it to grow.

With tears keep falling, I call my bestfriend and tell her what happened. She's who I always confide in.

She suddenly says something which really catches me by surprise.

"You what?" I ask and start to figure out. "Did you say what I think you just said to me?" I ask, but there's no response. Click! She hangs up without a goodbye.

Man, how could I not see it? How could I be so blind? When she said she loves me, was it just my imagination?

I see a picture of us next to my window and I take it and set it right beside my pillow. I wonder how long she's been feeling that way, because I was only keeping this same thing I feel for her. I was thinking she's never gonna give it a try, we're bestfriends, for heaven's sake. But now, as I close my eyes, in my mind I know that tomorrow when I wake up, a new love awaits me. And this time, it's me and my bestfriend.

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