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January 11, 2010

I don't really have anything to say because I'm too sleepy, but I just feel the need to update this blog. So I will type in anything that will come to my mind.It's raining outside, God knows I hate rain so much. I don't see why others think it's beautiful and romantic. Aaargh! As for me, rain is just so frustrating. I always feel the need to suddenly cry whenever it pours. I don't know. Maybe in my past life, I died in the rain or something or whatever. I hate rain!

There was this one time when Jaypee (my ex) and I kissed in the rain. Man, the thought of it always flashes back in my mind whenever it rains. Maybe that's one reason why I feel so depressed when it rains.

Speaking of Jaypee, I found some of his pictures in my mobile while I was "decluttering", deleting old files. I actually thought he removed every single picture he had in my Samsung GenoA. But when I scanned, I found these JPGs in a folder I haven't been opening for ages.

Oh my ex! I miss him so much. But we have our own separate lives now and I'm trying to move on. So I guess I should delete his photos in my camera-phone as soon as I posted them in here.

Tomorrow is another cheerleading practice day, but I don't really feel like attending. I'm still having the voice within me telling me to quit. Gah! My mind is really kinda in all places right now. I want time to just go in fast-forward to the day the competition is over. But I want need have to do this! If it isn't just for the price I have to pay for the bullshit I did to JR, I'm not going to pursue this. What I tend to do is just do it to just get over it. I hope I can manage!

Ok. I'm really sleepy right now, I got to go. I'll try to update tomorrow, I hope I could tell you something interesting. Unlike this non-sensical entry.


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