Yeeeah Boii!

January 15, 2011


I just woke up. I drank last night at Rene with Tophe, Frankie, JR, Ramil, Jhem, Jethro and Bogs until 12 midnight. Yesterday's cheerleading practice was so intense that we all got really exhausted, that's why the guys called for an inuman.


The "emo" shot.

Jhem and Tophe, with Frankie at the back.

Mas bagay kami ni Jhem!! haha.. Peace!

Ito lang ang nakayanan mga chongs.

Red Horse Beer babe of the day??

Umpisahan na ang kasiyahan!

Kike, kunwari 'di mo alam na may camera ha?!

It's true, cheerleading practice was exhausting. But I had fun, loads of fun actually. LOL. Kuya Arjay taught us this new routine where we had to have partners. So Frankie is paired up with JR and Tophe to Jhem. The best part of all is that I was paired up with Ultimate Crush # 10, Papa Nikko. How cool is that?

I woke up today with sore throat and my arm-muscles are aching. But I still have to attend cheerleading practice which is the last thing I want to do today. I just want to stay home and sleep the whole friggin' day. Let's see if I'm going to change my mind and decide to attend the practice later.

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