Inter-ABE Sports Fest

January 20, 2011

I had around 30 text messages and about a dozen missed calls. Frankie and I woke up late yesterday and we had to fix ourselves in a flash. Imagine, call-time was 4:30am and we woke up a quarter before 6:00am. It was the best pasaway thing we've ever done to the ABE Cheer Team.

I called Abdul while Frankie and I were on our way to the rendezvous, we had to go with them (the athletes) because the cheer team's service vehicle already left. Maybe it was fate, Ultimate Crush # 10 was in the athlete's service vehicle too (he's the table tennis varsity). It was kinda boring during the whole trip, most of the ABEnistas with us were sleeping and it was so quiet. Good thing the trip did not last forever, we reached the Amoranto Sports Complex immidiately.

So the cheer team changed to our uniforms and did our hair and make-up and prepared ourselves for the competition. And then, a company-call. Kuya Arjay gave us his last few pointers and little adjustments and then we were good to go.

Frankie & Me

Company call!!

Kuya Arjay gave his last few bits of pointers.

Waiting for our turn.

Frankie at the service vehicle.

Hindi pa nag-huhulas ang make-up ko. Haha!

We were last to perform. During the performances of the first 11 cheer teams, we waited there relaxed. And then it was our turn.

I enjoyed the whole bit our performance. Sure I got really exhausted but it was worth it. After the performance, it was time to relax. We decided to eat out so we went to McDonald's and there we had lots of kulitan.

Sino hinihintay mo d'yan? Si Prinsipe?

The Super Twins!

Saan ba talaga titingin??

Sana nakita ako!!!

Ito pa'ng isa!!! Aaargh!!

The Cheer Captain.

WARNING: The following images are not suitable for children and the virgins!


We left QC and head back to Bulacan at around 7o'clock in the evening but the day wasn't over yet. We went to Ultimate Crush # 9, Ramil Bustarde's place and we drank 'til 3:00am. We talked about lots of things, hilarious and serious. And it was a history. There were lots of revelations that I honestly think will make a big difference in Below Zero. We were all very honest of our true feelings and things became clearer than ever. I guess that's the best part of last day.

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