"Hindi ka nagbabasa ng script!"

January 23, 2011

Life is like a movie; if you've sat through more than half of it and it sucked every second so far, it probably isn't gonna get great right at the end and make it all worthwhile. No one should blame you for walking out early.

Christopher, Avighaille, my twin Frankie and Anne are few of my closest friends in my college. But we only got closer recently because we see an awful lot of each other almost everyday at cheerleading practices. We have never been this close. We would always do silly things whenever we're all together, to the point that our cheermates would go paranoid; predicting something terrible to happen. The whole cheer team may even be thinking that the five of us are the black sheeps.

But hey, we can be emotional too! Sure we always are notorious for being pasaway, but what people don't know is that we actually talk about serious stuff most of the time. We talk about school, studies, friendship, life and most of all love.

We have this habit to do things according to plans. And even the things we say should be rehearsed. It's as if we follow some scripts. That is how our expression "hindi ka nagbabasa ng script" suddenly became our most popular line whenever one of us is to blame for something. Most of the times, our cheermates would just stare at us in total confusion when the five of us talks about "the script" and other movie stuff, as if we are speaking in alien languages. It's exciting, if you want to know the truth. We talk and it's only the five of us really understand. It became our secret code, more like a spoken heiroglyphics or morse code which only the five of us can ever encrypt.

This is one conversation I had with Christopher last night. It may read a little funny but, mind you, we were dealing with something really really serious.

We are aware that we really get confusing for those who don't know us but we couldn't care much. What's important for us is that we understand each one of us though we make things a little puzzling. I guess that's the whole point of friendship; there's no need for explanations, friends just understand!

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