January 16, 2011


Hey you, yes you! Do you know that what you're doing really gets on my nerves? Or are you really just a narrow-minded, insensitive bitch who thinks only about your own self and nothing else? Guess what, you're a pain in the ass! Why are you so unoriginal? And why do you imitate me? My Goddess! Of all people, why me?

The first few things you tried to copy from me, I just ignored. I thought maybe they're just coincidental or something or whatever that they were similar to what I do or say. But as much as I don't want to notice, they're starting to get more and more obvious! D'Arvit! It creeps the hell outta me.

I know it's okay to have someone who imitate me, because, on the positive note, it means that I am well-liked and idolized. It shows that I can be better than others and that I can lead lives. Being imitated means that I am popular and influential and a
crowd-favorite and a role-model. I appreciate that you think I am someone to look up to and follow my track. But the fact that you see me as your competition so you imitate me and try the hardest to be more than what I can possibly do just to prove something, that's pathetic! You can never be more than me, let alone be my complete equal. I'm not being mean, I just know you're never gonna make it ahead of me. I know you. I know what you can give, and what not. I know that between the two of us, I am Imba. You are weak! That is why I don't feel the slightest fear of you. Instead, I feel sorry for you.

I know that you're not the kind who's gonna give up just that, because I know you have copied that trait from me already. Mine is just a little piece of friendly advice; if you don't want to taste the bitterness of failure, quit imitating me. Because I am certain, you can NEVER be me. Why don't you just try to be yourself? At least you wouldn't have to exert a friggin' lot of efforts and there wouldn't be such a thing as failure. Be yourself girl, you'll see, your life will be easier!

I wish you luck!

it's me,

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