January 15, 2011


I knew it! I shouldn't have attended today's cheerleading practice! Nothing happened at the rehearsal today, everyone's not in the mood especially me who's body haven't recovered yet from aching. The muscles in my arms and legs are still having spasms. That is why I can't really move well. I think I should take some meds for this.

We are supposed to stay at Jethro's place overnight, but I had a sudden mood-swing at the practice so I decided to just go home. I know that if I stayed a little bit longer, I'd just make a scene which I don't want to do. Especially that what happened at JR's birthday is still fresh in our memories. So I thought it's best to just control my emotions as much as possible so I can fight the urge to put up a fight. What I did was I kept my mouth shut tighter than a clam's shell and never looked at anyone who might annoy me and I just left without even bidding goodbye to anyone.

I feel bad for everything that's happened today; JR was frowning, Frankie felt bad for JR, everyone felt hostile, no one goofed around like we used to and everything was just different. I hope it won't happen again at the next practice. Imagine, the competition's on Wednesday and after that we're going to focus on our own businesses again and there's no more bonding moments and I know we're gonna miss each and everyone in the team. I don't know if we're all gonna stay friends after the competition. We'll see about it.

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