Libis Most Wanted??

January 3, 2011


Just now, Frankie and I went out to buy something at the 24-hour store just outside our subdivision and there we saw Villy Boy, Julius, Pugak and that other guy I don't know. I can't help but remember this picture I saw on Facebook few days ago.

L-R: Guy I don't know, Villy Boy, Bjhey, Pugak and Julius

This picture really gives me good, hard laughs. I told Julius about seeing this and he, and the other guys, felt really embarrassed but laughed about it anyway.

Frankie told them, "I-post ko din kaya tapos sabihin ko, 'Ito ang mga siga ng Libis!'" and the guys seems to want to run away or disappear right then and there. LOL.

We don't mean to humiliate them, of course not. These guys are our friends. We used to always see them at Libis during those times we always hang out there. It's okay to laugh to this picture because it's what it's supposed to make you do, right? They're not going to post it anywhere in the internet if they don't intend to let people lay eyes on it.

I have this feeling we're all going to just let out a laughter when we see one of us or the other. Oh, JR's planning to hold his birthday bash at Libis. It is going to be a whole lot of a freakin' fun!

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