My Plans for 2011

January 1, 2011


Blessed 2011!

Wow! Yet another year! Time flies like we always say. Every year passes by without having mercy on us. However, new year represents a new start, a new life and with hopes that things will be better than before. And the hope for better ones in the following years. LOL.

I'm not excited for 2011, nor wishful, nor feeling like not having a choice. I just don't feel anything at all. Because, A.) I don't want time fly so fast, B.) I'll be freakin' 23 years old, C.) I don't want to be old, D.) my swimming lessons officially starts this January, E.) I want to die young, F.) my future is uncertain, and G.) I don't see the point of getting older.

I've seen a great year passed by me with so much to look back on, so much to be thankful about and equal amounts of things to click the OFF button to. Let's see what I had accomplished with my 2010 plans:

1. Reconcile with my bestfriend, Jhepmar.
2. Run for MACCS presidency.
3. Make it through Below Zero auditions.
4. Gain weight.
5. Get my self a boyfriend.
6. Publish an online story blog.
7. Be someone who matters to Ralph Jhonel.

Four out of seven. Not too bad. Need to put a little more effort on to keep the scales down. Nevertheless, for the sake of tradition, I shall oblige my self to think of a few plans. Here are the things that I wish to achieve before the closing of 2011:

1. To be more committed to God.
Obviously, there was no hint of God in my 2010 regime. But, throughout the year, I've been seeing Him work tremendously in my life. I stopped and thought about it. I should really give something in return and hey, what better way to start the year off by committing my self to the Lord.

2. To focus more on my studies.
I know I've been doing pretty shitty with studies in 2010. I'll try harder to take it seriously now.

3. To contribute more to my dance groups.
Cryptic Illusion has had a fair share of problems in the previous year. I must exert extra efforts to keep it surviving. As for Below Zero, this is the time it needs me the most. They sure didn't pick me for the official choreographer for nothing.

4. To find a new boyfriend.
Ok. This going to be the last shot, it's never too late for this — I guess. My most recent relationship was a disaster and I hope, if I happen to find one, my next boyfriend won't be a pain in the ass.

5. To be frugal.
What an ugly word! But hey, I really need to tighten the strings and save money. I don't want to be broke, do I?

6. To be someone who matters to Ralph Jhonel.
Forwarded from 2010's plans. This happens every year now since 2009. Go ask Tuesday.

That sums up pretty much everything I plan, and really want, to do this year. I hope I can achieve all them lots. I know my friends are going to support me with these. And with the help of God, I'm going to work hard for these tasks to be accomplished.

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