Mathematics of Imbyernament

January 4, 2011


I sit here in my Mathematics of Investment class, trying not to get caught red-handed blogging instead of concentrating on my quiz paper. Gah! QUIZ! Man, it's the first day of school after Christmas break, for heaven's sake! They don't expect us to read our notes during the holiday season, do they.

Anyway, I'm done answering my paper now. That's why I decided to update my blog while my classmates are still trying to write as much doodle in their papers as they can.

Oops! Gotta go! Ms. Lapus caught me religiously updating my blog. Yikes! I hope she won't give me a deduction for this. I'll give you updates later! Bye!

still January 4, 2011


Ms. Lapus didn't give me a deduction! And the best part is that I passed the quiz with 17 out of 25. Not too bad, thankyouverymuch! Imagine that, I didn't even mind reviewing (I didn't bring my notes, you know). Wow! I'm starting to get convinced I am really intelligent. LOL.

Now, I'm left with nothing to do. I sit here at the benches at the main building corridor with Frankie, Syran, Tophe and my other former classmates, talking about nothing in particular, just whatever sprouts out in our minds. I missed doing this!

My cheer-team will be having a meeting today at 5:00PM, I'm going to see Ultimate Crush #10, Nikko Natividad! *Blushes* I can't wait! We are planning for the inter-ABE cheerleading competition. D'Arvit! We're running out of time!

Ugh! I'm really bored, I'll try to find something to do, just anything really. Gotta go! Bye!

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