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January 7, 2011


Man, my whole body's aching! My team had our cheerleading practice from 8AM to 6PM yesterday, imagine that! But we really need to maximize our time, the competition is in 10 friggin' days — more or less. And it was our first rehearsal after the Christmas break, so we had to catch up and recall. We did great! We managed to complete the first half of the entire routine with the stunts, pyramids, tosses, yells and dance. It was a hell of a tiring day.

I got to see Ultimate Crush # 10 too. Oh my God, he's as hot as ever! I can't take my eyes off him, especially his face. But then, something rained on my parade. Papa Nikko brought his girlfriend with him. I was really kinda jealous. LOL. That girl is one hell of a lucky, unattractive bitch.

I had spaghetti for lunch! Yey! Frankie, Tophe, Avi, Anne and I went out to find some place to eat and then we came across this hanging bridge. It was so scary being on the bridge, it was rocking as we step across it. But I really think it's cool!

At the hanging bridge.

L-R: Anne, Avi, Tophe and Frankie.

"Boat Wisely!"

At around 7PM, I went back to my college to meet up with
Ms. Villavicencio. I told her to cancel the streetdancing as I can't be able to find time planning for it. Cheerleading practices already drain all my energies to even do another project like the streetdance.

Some Below Zero guys decided to drink the night away at this nice place called Gooch. Ramil and Kuya Arjay played billiards while I sat drinking with Josef, JR and Bogs. Frankie and Tophe were out for dinner at Jollibee and came back to Gooch after an hour. I was talking to Ramil when suddenly, someone put an arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. I was shocked. I thought it was some "bastos" and/or "lasing" guy, but when I turned around to see, it was my childhood friend, Jayson. He said he was at the next table with my cousin Shondel and their friend Jaze and the loud, ugly girls and then he saw me and decided to say hi.

Frankie at Gooch.

It was a very long day, but I really had fun. I wish to do that again soon.

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